IRCTC Q4 Results: Net Profit Climbs 2%, Revenue Soars 20% on Robust Ticket Sales

IRCTC's Q4 FY24 net profit rose 2% to Rs 284 crore, with revenue up 20% to Rs 1,154.8 crore, driven by strong ticket sales and train food services.

IRCTC saw a 2% rise in Q4 FY24 net profit to Rs 284 crore, fueled by increased ticket sales. Revenue jumped 20% to Rs 1,154.8 crore, highlighting robust performance in online ticketing and train food services, as per a recent regulatory filing.

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The IRCTC board declared a final dividend of Rs 4 per share for the fiscal year 2023-24, amounting to 200 percent of the paid-up share capital or Rs 256 crore. This dividend announcement coincides with a period of robust financial growth for the company.

As of the end of the trading day on May 28, IRCTC’s shares closed up 1.60% at Rs 1,082.70 each on the Bombay Stock Exchange, with the company’s market capitalization standing at Rs 87,152 crore. The stock has experienced a 19% increase over the past three months.

EBITDA for the quarter reached Rs 402.96 crore, marking a growth of 3.4%. However, the EBITDA margin slightly declined to 34.89% from 36.8% the previous year, impacted by the lower margins in catering and tourism compared to internet ticketing.

Despite a decrease in the revenue share from internet ticketing to 31% from higher percentages in previous years, IRCTC continues to diversify its services, encompassing luxury train tours, hotel bookings, and holiday packages. The company remains vital in India’s travel and tourism sector, supported by the government’s 62.4% ownership.

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