K2 Infragen’s Spectacular Market Debut, Shares Leap 40%! Opens at ₹167

K2 Infragen's shares soared on their NSE SME debut, opening at ₹167, a 40.34% jump from the ₹119 issue price, showcasing strong market interest on the first trading day.
k2 Infragen Shares Debut with 40 Percent

K2 Infragen’s shares had an outstanding debut on NSE SME, opening at ₹167, a significant 40.34% surge over the issue price of ₹119. This strong opening reflects a robust market interest in the company’s stock on its first trading day.

The K2 Infragen IPO, running from March 28 to April 3, had a price band of ₹111-₹119 per share, with each share having a ₹10 face value. Investors could bid for a minimum of 1,200 shares, leading to a 51.47 times subscription on the fourth day.

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K2 Infragen Limited, an EPC specialist in Power and Project Engineering, operates across 8 Indian states. They offer a comprehensive range of services from design to post-construction, maintaining ISO certifications in Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health & Safety Management. As of February 29, 2024, their order book stands at INR 0.39 crores.

K2 Infragen’s IPO targets INR 16 crores for working capital, INR 8.31 crores for manufacturing expansion, and the rest for corporate purposes like strategic initiatives and branding.

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