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Krystal Integrated IPO’s Tepid Start with 0.36x Subscription on Day One

Krystal Integrated Services' IPO sees a lukewarm day one, with total subscriptions at 0.36 times; QIBs at 0.33, NIIs at 0.43, and RIIs at 0.34 times.
krystal ipo subscription status

Krystal Integrated Services Limited‘s IPO began with a 0.36x subscription rate. Qualified Institutional Buyers subscribed at 0.33x, Non-Institutional Investors at 0.43x, and Retail Individual Investors at 0.34x, showing varied interest levels on the first day.

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Krystal Integrated Services Limited IPO – Fundamental Analysis

Krystal Integrated Services Limited exhibits robust financial health ahead of its IPO, marked by a consistent rise in revenues from ₹4,743.09 million to ₹7,109.65 million, increasing profitability, and enhanced asset and liability management. Despite fluctuating equity levels, its Profit After Tax and Return on Net Worth have significantly improved, alongside a notable rise in Diluted EPS and a healthier debt-to-equity ratio, signaling strong operational efficiency and an attractive investment opportunity in the services sector.

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Krystal Integrated Services Limited IPO  – Risks And Challenges 

Krystal Integrated Services’ IPO faces challenges, including dependence on competitive government tenders, with no guarantee of continued success or sustained customer relationships. Revenue reliance on limited regions like Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu presents geographical risks. Additionally, managing a large workforce across various locations introduces potential service claims, disruptions, and regulatory issues, posing threats to the company’s reputation, financial stability, and operational results.

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