Naman In-Store IPO Hits Remarkable 65x Subscription on Day 2!

Day 2 of Naman In-Store (India) Limited's IPO garnered immense interest, achieving a remarkable subscription rate of 65.03 times, reflecting strong investor confidence in the company's market prospects.
Naman In-Store IPO Hits Remarkable 65x Subscription on Day 2!

Naman In-Store IPO Subscription Status Today

On Day 2, the Naman In-Store (India) Limited IPO saw overwhelming interest, with a subscription rate soaring to 65.03 times. This impressive figure demonstrates significant investor enthusiasm and belief in the company’s potential within its market segment.

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How to Check Naman In-Store IPO Subscription Status? 

Steps to check the IPO allotment status on NSE

Following are the steps to check it through NSE website

  • Visit NSE‘s official website.
  • Navigate to the ‘Market Data’ tab.
  • Choose ‘IPO’.
  • Select the Vishwas Agri Seeds IPO to check its subscription status.
  • Opt for either NSE Bid details or Consolidated Bid details.
  • Explore the total number of bids received from various investors

Naman In-Store (India) Limited IPO IPO Allotment Status

The response from investors remained exceptionally strong on the second day, with a total subscription rate reaching 70.74 times by 18:04 IST. The NIIs segment saw 73.07 times subscription, retail investors subscribed 105.08 times, and the QIB section recorded 8.86 times subscription..

Naman In-Store IPO Listing Date 

The expected date for Naman In-Store to be listed on the NSE SME is Thursday, March 28, 2024.

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