NSE Hits Record with 23.3 Lakh New Investors in January, UP Leads the Surge!

NSE saw a record 23.3 lakh new investors in January, led by Uttar Pradesh, with top districts like Delhi and Mumbai contributing significantly, despite declines in places like Ahmedabad.
NSE Hits Record with 23 Lakh New Investors

In January, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) witnessed an unprecedented surge in new investor registrations, reaching 23.3 lakh, a 10% increase from December’s 21.1 lakh. This growth, fueled partly by the Nifty’s rally to record highs, elevated NSE’s total investor base by 24% to 8.78 crore, up from 7.1 crore the previous year.

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Uttar Pradesh emerged as the leader in new investor sign-ups, with a 17% month-on-month increase to 3.5 lakh, surpassing Maharashtra’s 3.4 lakh, which saw a 13% rise. Meanwhile, Gujarat experienced a significant 22% decline in new registrations, dropping to 1.8 lakh. The top ten states in new investor registrations, including West Bengal, Bihar, Karnataka, and Delhi, collectively accounted for nearly half of all new sign-ups in the first ten months of FY24.

The trend of new investor registrations remained concentrated in specific districts, with the top 10 contributing 20.2% of the total in January, slightly down from December’s 20.9%. Delhi led this group with a 17% increase to 1.5 lakh registrations, followed by Mumbai’s 1.1 lakh, up by 13%. In contrast, Ahmedabad and Surat saw significant declines of 31% and 21% respectively. Overall, only 85 districts reported a decrease in new investor registrations during the month.

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