Platinum Industries’ IPO Surges: Records Phenomenal 99.03x Subscription in Day 3 Frenzy!

Platinum Industries' IPO saw a massive Day 3 response, with QIBs at 151x, Non-Institutional at 141.83x, RIIs at 50.99x, leading to an impressive total subscription of 99.03 times.
Platinum Industries IPO Subscription Status

On the third day of its Initial Public Offering, Platinum Industries Limited witnessed an overwhelming response from Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIBs) and Non-Institutional Investors, with subscriptions reaching 151.00 times and 141.83 times, respectively. Retail Individual Investors (RIIs) also showed significant interest, subscribing 50.99 times. Overall, the total subscription for the IPO astonishingly reached 99.03 times. This enthusiastic response points towards a strong market perception of the company’s potential and growth prospects.

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Platinum Industries Limited IPO – Fundamental Analysis

Platinum Industries has shown notable financial growth, with revenue jumping from ₹892.69 lakhs in 2021 to ₹2,314.81 lakhs in 2023, alongside significant equity growth from ₹44.72 lakhs to ₹715.59 lakhs, reflecting increasing market presence and investor confidence. Profit after tax also rose impressively from ₹48.15 lakhs to ₹375.84 lakhs. Despite a decrease in RoNW from 107.66% to 61.26%, the company maintains a strong profitability ratio. Its debt profile has improved, evidenced by a better debt-equity ratio, while liquidity ratios signal robust financial health and operational efficiency.

Platinum Industries Limited IPO  – Risks And Challenges

Platinum Industries faces key risks in its expansion strategy. Entering new markets is vital for their growth, but unsuccessful ventures could negatively affect sales and financial health. Additionally, any delays or extra costs in setting up their proposed facilities, such as plants and machinery, could significantly harm their financial status and growth potential. The underutilization of their manufacturing capacities, including those recently expanded, poses another risk, highlighting the importance of efficient usage for business and financial stability.

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