Popular Vehicles IPO Surges to 1.23x on Final Day, Employees Lead Charge

Popular Vehicles & Services IPO ends day 3 with diverse interest: 1.97x by QIBs, 0.66x NIIs, 1.05x RIIs, and a notable 7.59x by employees, totaling 1.23x.
Popular Vehicles IPO Day 2 shows Mixed 0.45x Total with Employee Boom at 6.16x

By the end of day three, Popular Vehicles & Services Limited‘s IPO  showed varied subscriptions: QIBs at 1.97x, NIIs at 0.66x, RIIs at 1.05x, and employees leading with 7.59x, cumulating in a total subscription of 1.23 times, reflecting diverse investor interest and confidence.

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Popular Vehicles Service’s financial performance from 2021 to 2023 shows impressive revenue escalation from ₹28,935.25 million to ₹48,750.02 million, indicative of expanding market presence and business growth. Equity has grown significantly, while expenses have been managed effectively alongside revenue increases. Profits nearly doubled, and both RoNW and EPS have seen substantial improvements, showing efficient equity utilisation and heightened profitability per share. The company’s asset growth surpassing liability increase further strengthens its position for the upcoming IPO.

Popular Vehicles Service Limited  – Risks And Challenges

Popular Vehicles & Services Ltd confronts automotive industry uncertainties, including economic volatility, technological changes, and potential adverse effects from policy shifts, particularly in the electric vehicle sector. Its operation of multiple dealerships under OEM agreements subjects it to operational, capital, and service level influences, with expansion risks and potential conflicts. Concentrated operations in key states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka expose it to regional economic downturns, natural disasters, and fuel price variations, potentially affecting sales and overall operations.

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