Popular Vehicles Shaky Start, Shares listed at discount 2% on NSE, at ₹292 apiece on BSE

Popular Vehicles' lackluster debut sees shares opening at ₹292 on BSE (1.02% discount) and ₹289.20 on NSE (1.96% discount) from the issue price of ₹295 per share.

Popular Vehicles shares had a lackluster debut, opening at ₹292 per share on the BSE, marking a slight discount of 1.02% from the issue price of ₹295. On the NSE, the stock started trading at a slightly lower discount of 1.96%, commencing at ₹289.20 per share.

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Popular Vehicles And Services Limited, a prominent Indian automotive dealership, operates a comprehensive model spanning the entire vehicle ownership journey. They cover passenger vehicles (including luxury cars), commercial vehicles, and electric two/three-wheelers, ensuring diverse revenue streams. The company manages dealerships for Maruti Suzuki, Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors, Daimler India, Piaggio, and Ather, diversifying across vehicle categories. They’ve expanded via acquisitions, adding service centers and showrooms in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, bolstering their presence and services.

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