Shree Karni Fabcom Shares Surge 5% on Upper Circuit Following 14.5% Premium Listing

Shree Karni Fabcom shares surged 5% after debuting at a 14.5% premium, opening at ₹260 on the NSE EME Emerge platform. It then reached ₹273, hitting the upper circuit.
Shree Karni Fabcom Stock Jumps 5 percent Debut

Shree Karni Fabcom shares surged 5% to hit the upper circuit after debuting at a 14.5% premium. Listed on the NSE EME Emerge platform at ₹260 each, the stock delivered approximately 14.53% listing gains from the issue price of ₹220 to ₹227 per share. It further rose to ₹273, locking in the 5% upper circuit.

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Shree Karni Fabcom Ltd specializes in manufacturing technical textiles for various industries, including luggage, medical support, and apparel. The production process, starting from yarn procurement to weaving, coating, and finishing, yields knitted and woven fabrics tailored to client specifications. With expertise in Woven, Knitted, and Coated Fabrics, the company outsources specialized processes to its subsidiary, IGK Technical Textile LLP.

Shree Karni Fabcom Ltd’s IPO aims to boost operational efficiency and vertical integration by establishing a dyeing unit in Navsari, Gujarat, investing INR 30.70 crores. Additionally, INR 1.86 crores will be allocated for new machinery and up to ₹ 5 crores for working capital in 2025.

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