Winsol Engineers IPO GMP Today, Price Range and Company Details

Winsol Engineers IPO priced at ₹71 to ₹75 per share, features a ₹124 GMP, and offers 1600 share lots. Subscriptions open from May 6 to May 9, 2024.
Winsol Engineers IPO GMP Today, Price Range and Company Details

As of May 4, 2024, Winsol Engineers IPO has ₹124 as Grey Market Premium, with a price ₹71 to ₹75 per share. Offering lots of 1600 shares, the subscription window is open from May 6, 2024 to May 9, 2024.

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Winsol Engineers GMP Today

The Grey Market Premium (GMP) for Winsol Engineers is ₹124 as of May 4, 2024. This assessment coincides with a price of ₹71 to ₹75 per share for the IPO.

Winsol Engineers IPO Review

Winsol Engineers has demonstrated remarkable financial growth over the past three fiscal years, marked by substantial total revenue and net profit increases. This upward trajectory is attributed to strategic changes in servicing/materials offerings, resulting in enhanced margins. 

Management anticipates sustained growth in revenue and earnings. With an average EPS of Rs. 2.68 and RONW of 43.61%, the issue is reasonably priced, considering its P/BV and P/E ratios. The company’s consistent improvement in PAT and RoCE margins reflects its financial stability and growth potential.

Winsol Engineers  IPO Date

Winsol Engineers will start accepting subscriptions from May 6, 2024, to May 9, 2024

Winsol Engineers IPO Price

Winsol Engineers price range is ₹71 to ₹75 per share with a face value of ₹10 each.

Winsol Engineers

Winsol Engineers Limited provides comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services for the renewable energy sector, specializing in balance-of-plant solutions for wind and solar projects. They ensure efficient plant operation by managing design to commissioning and offer detailed O&M services that optimize turbine performance. Their commitment to expertise and cost efficiency drives their ongoing growth in the industry.

How To Apply For Winsol Engineers IPO?

To apply for the Winsol Engineers through Alice Blue, follow these steps:

1. Open a Demat and Trading Account with Alice Blue if you don’t have one.

2. Access IPO details for Winsol Engineers on the Alice Blue platform.

3. Place your bid for the desired number of shares within the IPO’s price range.

4. Confirm your information and submit your application quickly.

You can apply for the Winsol Engineers IPO at Alice Blue in just a few clicks!

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