What is the CDSL TPIN, and how can it be utilized to sell stock holdings?

In accordance with CDSL regulations, customers without DDPI/POA are required to employ the CDSL TPIN and OTP for authorizing the debit of securities from their Demat account in the case of delivery sell transactions. The use of a CDSL TPIN allows clients to pre-authorize the sell of their stocks at the commencement of each trading day, thereby eliminating the necessity to authorize it for each delivery sell order executed throughout the day.

The CDSL TPIN is dispatched to clients through email from [email protected] and to their registered phone number. If clients are unable to locate or have forgotten the TPIN for any reason, there is an option to regenerate it. To learn more, check How to generate CDSL TPIN required to authorize my CNC to sell transactions.

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