How to Place State Development Loans on Alice Blue RISE?

Here’s how to invest in State Development Loans (SDLs) through the Alice Blue Rise (Mutual Fund) platform:

  • Log in to the RISE (Mutual Fund) application.
  • After a successful login, click on “Government Bonds.”
  • Choose the preferred “Security Name” for the SDL.
  • Pick the “State Code” in which you want to invest (For example: KA for Karnataka, MH for Maharashtra).
  • Ensure you review the “Maturity Year” before confirming your order.
  • Click the “Place Order” button.
  • Specify the number of units you wish to purchase within the “Minimum To Maximum” range.

Important Notes while placing the SDL:

  1. Your orders will be executed after debiting your trading account on the “Bid closing date” of each security. Ensure that you maintain a sufficient balance in your account on the “Bid Closing Date.”
  2. If you maintain a sufficient balance, your order will be sent to the exchange, and you will receive the SDL in your Demat account.
  3. Failing to maintain the required balance will result in the rejection of your order by Alice Blue.
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