Explore the Types of Orders in Alice Blue’s Ant Application

Regular Order: The Regular Order type allows traders to place standard buy/sell orders in the stock market. It’s suitable for both Intraday Trading and Long-Term Investment.

Bracket Order: Bracket orders combine a new trade with an exit strategy and a stop-loss. Once the primary order is executed, the system automatically sets a trigger for booking profits and a stop-loss order. This order type is exclusive for the NSE CM, NSE Future, NSE Option, and MCX Future Segments which is for Intraday Trading.

Note: There is a charge for Bracket orders: Rs.4 + GST per executed order.

Cover Order: Cover Orders (CO) are designed to mitigate risk. They can be market or limit orders but always come with stop-loss provisions. If a trade becomes unfavorable, the stop-loss order determines the maximum potential loss. This type of order is commonly used in the derivatives or FnO segment.

AMO Order: After Market Orders (AMO) are orders placed once the market has closed. While the order is made outside of regular market hours, it is executed during the standard trading hours. This is applicable for both Intraday Trading and Long-Term Investment.

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