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MIS stands for Margin Intraday Square-off in the stock market. This order type is utilized for intraday trading, and shares bought through MIS orders must be squared off on the same day.

Please find the MIS square-off timings below:

Intraday products (MIS/BO/CO) square-off timings
Segment Product Pre-Auto Auto Square Off
NFO MIS 3.16 PM 3.18 PM
BO & CO 3.16 PM 3.20 PM
Currency MIS 4.45 PM 4.50 PM
CM MIS 3.17 PM 3.21 PM
BO 3.17 PM 3.23 PM
MCX MIS 11.17 PM 11.20 PM
11.45 PM 11.48 PM
BO & CO NA 11.20 PM
11.50 PM

NRML: NRML is the abbreviation for Normal Margin Order, which is used for overnight trading in the F&O, Commodity, and Currency Derivatives segments. In this type of order, the Buy/Sell position will not be squared off until the contract’s expiry date.

CNC: CNC stands for Cash N Carry. Cash and Carry is a product designed for long-term equity investment. When a trader buys a stock under the CNC product and receives it in their Demat account, they have the option to hold the shares for as long as they wish to before selling. Additionally, these stocks can be transferred or gifted to friends, family, or loved ones.

MTF: MTF, or Margin Trade Facility, refers to the practice of borrowing money from a broker to purchase stocks. This allows the investor to acquire more securities than they can afford with their current available funds. Stock brokers provide this facility in exchange for a nominal percentage of the security’s value as margin, and the client must maintain the required margin if they intend to hold the stocks for the long term.

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