How do I Carry an Options Position for the next day in Alice Blue?

Carrying option positions with Alice Blue is straightforward. To maintain a Buy option position, you should keep the “Premium Amount.” For example, if you’re planning for a position like “Bank Nifty OCT 43100 CE Buy, Quantity 15 @ Rs. 100” with a total premium of 15*100 (1500), you need to maintain this premium to carry the position to the next day.

Conversely, to maintain a Sell option position, you need to maintain the “SPAN Margin amount.” For instance, if you have a position like “Bank Nifty OCT 43100 CE Sell, Quantity 15 @ Rs. 100,” you will receive a total premium of 15*100 (1500) in your trading account. However, you must ensure that your account holds the necessary SPAN Margin, which can change based on the Last Traded Price (LTP). To check the live “Margin Required Click here.

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