What are Ledger Charges?

  • Top Ledger Charges you must be aware of:
  • BILL ENTRY FOR FO / N -20210104
    • This is the money that is due to you (Credit) or is receivable from you for (Debit) your Trade.
    • FO- Future, N- Equity, T- Trade to trade, A- Auction normal, X- Internal settlement.
    • The no. indicates the present year (2021) and trading day of the year (104th trading day)
  • DP Charges:
    • DP charges include Depository charges and Depository Participant (DP) charges. This charge is a source of revenue to the Depositories & its participants.
    • Similar to how Exchanges charge a Transaction fee, Brokers charge brokerage, Depositories & Depository participants charge a DP charge.
    • The DP charge / Beneficiary charges, at Alice Blue Financial Services Pvt Ltd, is ₹15 + GST.
  • Call and Trade Charges:
    • The debit entry for orders placed by calling our dealer terminal and for auto square off of your positions varies as per the RMS policy. Click here to know more.
  • For Bracket Order Total Order: “Number of trades” Trade Date: DD/MM/Year
    • Bracket Order is charged at ₹ 4 + Gst on per order basis.
    • If one order is executed partly in 3 orders, Bracket order charges will be applicable on all the partly executed orders. Click here to learn more.  
  • Late Penalty Charges:
    • If your account has a debit balance, that amount will be penalized at the rate of ₹24% per annum.
    • Calculation:- (Debit Balance * 24%) / 365 = Interest charge to client
  • Payment Gateway Charges:
    • Money added via Alice blue Payment Gateway is charged at ₹10 + GST.
    • To avoid payment gateway charges, you can transfer the fund via Net Banking. Click here to know more.
  • AMC Charges:
    • The Account Maintenance Charge (AMC) is applicable only for the Equity Demat Account.
  • Advance Brokerage Commission:
    • Advance Brokerage Commission is nothing but the referral commission (If you refer a friend to Alice Blue, you will get a 10% commission from the brokerage paid by your friend)
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