What are the details available in the contract note?

Check out the below table to learn about all the details available in the contract note:
Company details Company Name Brokers full name
Registered Office Address Brokers registered office address
Trading Member Code Brokers member code with exchange
SEBI Registration Number Brokers SEBI registration number
Compliance Officer Details (Name/Contact Number/Email Address) Brokers compliance officer details
Client Details Name of the Client Name as per the Income Tax
UCC code “Unique Client Code” Unique Client code ( Trading ID)
Client Mobile Number & Email Address Client’s Registered number & Email ID
Client PAN Number Client PAN Number
Trade & Settlement date Contract Note Number & Trade Date Contract note number and Trade date
Settlement Number & Settlement Date Exchange settlement number and settlement date
Trade Details Order Number & Order Time Order entered number & Order entered time
Trade Number & Trade Time Actual trade number & Trade time
Security/Contract Description Scrip Name
Buy (B) / Sell (S) Transaction Buy / Sell
Quantity No of Qty Bought / Sold
Gross Rate/Trade price per unit (Rs) Actual Buy / Sell Rate.
Brokerage per unit Brokerage charges for the 1 Qty
Net Rate per unit (Rs) Net rate for the particular Scrip rate after adding the Brokerage
Closing Rate per unit (Rs) Closing rate of a trade
Net Total (Before Levies) (Rs) Total buy value & sell value before government charges
Actual Profit & loss Pay In/Pay Out obligation Actual Profit / Loss on the day trade
Charges details Taxable Value of Supply (Brokerage) Brokerage Charges
Taxable Value of Supply (CM Charges) Clearing Member Charges
Taxable Value of Supply (TOC NSE) Transaction Charges
Trading Securities Transactions Tax STTCharges (Government Tax)
IGST Rate: 18% Amount (Rs) GST charges as applicable on (Brokerage + CM Charges + Transaction Tax)
Net Amount Receivable/Payable by Client The total amounts debited / credited in your trading account
Yesterday Ledger Balance Ledger Balance Yesterday’s closing balance
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