What prompts Alice Blue to send an email seeking clarification on trades?

As a financial intermediary, a stock broker is mandated by market regulators such as SEBI, stock exchanges, and depositories to implement robust surveillance mechanisms. As part of this monitoring process, brokers are obligated to scrutinize client transactions, identify potentially concerning trades, and request appropriate clarification along with the rationale behind these transactions to ensure the legitimacy of the trades.

Apart from broker systems generating alerts, stock exchanges also independently flag certain transactions, prompting brokers to seek explanations from their clients regarding these transactions. Brokers are obligated to inform the stock exchange about the actions taken in response to the surveillance alerts generated by the exchanges.

Customers receive an email regarding an alert triggered by either the stock exchange system or the internally designated surveillance system of the regulator. To submit the necessary details, clients can create a ticket. Upon receiving the information, Alice Blue sends a confirmation email to clients and, if deemed necessary, initiates appropriate actions.

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