How to Get Retention Hold Amount Reversal?

Minimum retention Hold amount reversal circular details are Terms and Conditions:  1) Every Business partner has to attain a minimum account opening target of 5.  2) As per the Revised policy which is effective from Dec 01, 2020, onwards, if the minimum account opening target has not been reached, Rs. 2500 will be held.  3) Earlier if the target was not met, the amount would be deducted but according to the new policy, the payment amount will be held. The Business partner can attain the target and get the amount for the previous months. Example: Let’s say your Business partner created 2 accounts in December and 8 accounts in January.  The payout for January will be done as you attained a minimum of 5 accounts and the remaining 3 out of 8 accounts from January will be added to December Month and you will receive the Payout for December as well.
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