Upcoming Bonus Shares For This Week – Bonus Shares 2024

Bonus shares are additional shares given to shareholders at no cost, derived from company profits or reserves. Multiple companies are set to issue bonus shares this week, providing shareholders with more equity without additional investment.
Upcoming Bonus Shares For This Week - Bonus Shares 2024

What Are Bonus Shares?

Bonus shares are additional shares given to the current shareholders of a company at no cost, based on the number of shares they already own. These shares are allocated from a company’s profits or reserves, without any monetary cost to the shareholders.

Upcoming Bonus Shares For This Week

COMPANYBonus RatioAnnouncement DateRecord DateEx-Bonus Date
Siddhika Coatings Ltd 1:111-07-202419-07-202419-07-2024
M M Forgings Ltd 1:110-07-202416-07-202416-07-2024

Introduction Of Upcoming Bonus Shares 2024

Siddhika Coatings Ltd 

Siddhika Coatings Limited, based in India, imports and exports resins, paints, adhesives, and related products. It offers services in elastomeric textures, thermal insulation, anti-bacterial, low VOC paints, decorative and silicon coatings, epoxy paints, and maintenance systems for various commercial and residential applications.

M M Forgings Ltd 

MM Forgings Limited, based in India, specializes in manufacturing steel forgings, particularly for automotive components. Its diverse product range includes sprockets, flange housings, connecting rods, axles, steering components, and crankshafts. The company operates manufacturing plants in Tamil Nadu and a machining plant in Uttar Pradesh.

Upcoming Bonus Shares For This Week 2024 – FAQs

1. How Do Bonus Shares Work?

Bonus shares work by a company issuing additional shares to its existing shareholders at no cost. These shares are given out in proportion to the number of shares already owned. Bonus shares are typically issued from the company’s retained earnings or accumulated reserves and are aimed at rewarding shareholders without requiring them to pay anything.

2. What Is A Record Date?

The record date is the specific date set by the company to determine which shareholders are eligible to receive the bonus shares.

3. Why Do Companies Offer Bonus Shares?

Companies offer bonus shares to reward their existing shareholders without distributing cash dividends. By issuing bonus shares, companies can capitalize on their accumulated earnings or reserves to increase the number of outstanding shares.

4. Is Dividend Paid On Bonus Shares?

No, dividends are not paid on bonus shares. Since bonus shares are issued at free cost to the existing shareholders, they do not represent additional earnings or profits that would warrant a dividend payment. 

5. Are Bonus Shares Taxable?

Bonus shares are not taxable at the time of issue for shareholders. However, if shareholders sell these shares, they may be subject to capital gains tax.

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