Dividend Stocks Today: HDFC AMC, L&T Finance, Tata Investment, Bank of India Set Record Dates

Upcoming dividend stocks like HDFC AMC, L&T Finance, Tata Investment, and Bank of India set record dates today for their dividends, rewarding shareholders.
Dividend Stocks Today HDFC AMC, L&T Finance, Tata Investment, Bank of India Set Record Dates

Today, shares of various companies like HDFC Asset Management, L&T Finance, and Tata Investment Corporation will trade ex-dividend. The crucial date for these dividends is June 18. Investors holding shares by this date will be eligible for the upcoming payouts.

HDFC AMC has declared a substantial final dividend of Rs 70 per share, with today marking the record date. This announcement is part of their latest financial decisions aimed at rewarding shareholders.

L&T Finance also joins the list with a final dividend announcement of Rs 2.5 per share. Shareholders need to have held shares as of today to qualify for this dividend.

Tata Investment Corporation has announced a final dividend of Rs 28 per share. Similar to the others, the record date for eligibility is today, June 18, aligning with the company’s dividend policy.

Bank of India has declared a dividend of Rs 2.8 per share, with today being the record date. This move reflects the bank’s commitment to provide returns to its shareholders.

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