Upcoming Dividend Stocks: Five Key Companies to Trade Ex-Dividend on June 19

LTIMindtree, Dalmia Bharat, and three other companies will trade ex-dividend on June 19, following announcements of their final dividends for FY 2024, drawing significant investor interest.
Upcoming Dividend Stocks: Five Key Companies to Trade Ex-Dividend on June 19

LTIMindtree Ltd, Dalmia Bharat Ltd, Intellect Design Arena Ltd, Panasonic Carbon India Co. Ltd., and Sagar Cements Ltd are set to trade ex-dividend on June 19. These companies have announced their final dividends for the fiscal year 2024, catching investor attention as the market opens.

LTIMindtree declared a significant final dividend of ₹45.00 per share for 2024, showcasing its commitment to shareholder returns. Similarly, Dalmia Bharat announced a final dividend of ₹5.00 per share, reflecting its stable financial performance.

Intellect Design Arena will reward its shareholders with a final dividend of ₹3.50 per share. This announcement is part of the company’s consistent efforts to deliver value to its investors following a promising financial year.

Panasonic Carbon India has set its final dividend at ₹12.00 per share, underscoring its robust profitability and commitment to returning wealth to shareholders. This dividend is indicative of the company’s strong earnings and financial health.

Sagar Cements announced a more modest dividend of ₹0.70 per share, catering to its shareholders with a consistent payout strategy. The record date for determining eligibility for the dividend across all mentioned companies is June 19, aligning with their financial strategies.

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