Dividend Stocks This Week – Upcoming Dividend Stocks 2024 

Dividend Stocks This Week - Upcoming Dividend Stocks 2024 

What Are Dividend Stocks?

Dividend stocks are shares of companies that regularly distribute a portion of their earnings to shareholders as dividends. These stocks are appealing for income-seeking investors because they offer a steady stream of income in addition to the potential for capital appreciation from the increase in stock price.

Upcoming Dividend Stocks 2024 

The table below shows the upcoming Dividend Stocks In India based on their high dividend yields as of 19-07-2024

Company NameDividend TypeDiv %Announcement DateRecord DateEx-Date
The Anup Engineering LtdSpecial50.0 %04-05-202428-07-202426-07-2024
The Anup Engineering LtdFinal150.0 %04-05-202428-07-202426-07-2024
Sasken Technologies LtdFinal130.0 %07-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Godrej Agrovet LtdFinal100.0 %08-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Super Sales India LtdFinal70.0 %29-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Kaira Can Company LtdFinal120.0 %24-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
NESCO LtdFinal300.0 %20-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
NOCIL LtdFinal30.0 %29-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
BASF India LtdFinal150.0 %14-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Magellanic Cloud LtdFinal1.5 %30-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
JTEKT India LtdFinal60.0 %30-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Symphony LtdFinal400.0 %30-04-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Orient Paper & Industries LtdFinal25.0 %29-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Raghav Productivity Enhancers LtdFinal9.0 %17-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Birla Cable LtdFinal17.5 %10-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Vindhya Telelinks LtdFinal150.0 %17-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Universal Cables LtdFinal30.0 %17-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
JK Tyre & Industries LtdFinal175.0 %21-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Repco Home Finance LtdFinal30.0 %14-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Dollar Industries LtdFinal150.0 %21-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Associated Alcohols & Breweries LtdFinal20.0 %02-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Voith Paper Fabrics India LtdFinal80.0 %28-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Aditya Vision LtdFinal90.0 %24-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
GRP LtdFinal375.0 %17-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Sonata Software LtdFinal440.0 %07-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
Tinna Rubber & Infrastructure LtdFinal20.0 %27-05-202427-07-202426-07-2024
R R Kabel LtdFinal60.0 %28-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Zydus Lifesciences LtdFinal300.0 %17-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
ADF Foods LtdFinal60.0 %09-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Rane Holdings LtdFinal250.0 %15-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Kirloskar Brothers LtdFinal300.0 %14-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Coromandel International LtdFinal600.0 %25-04-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Twenty First Century Management Services LtdFinal25.0 %04-06-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Paushak LtdFinal200.0 %02-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Nitta Gelatin India LtdFinal60.0 %10-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Automotive Axles LtdFinal320.0 %27-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
CreditAccess Grameen LtdFinal100.0 %07-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Timken India LtdFinal25.0 %09-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Cosmo First LtdFinal30.0 %15-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Yasho Industries LtdFinal5.0 %13-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Aarti Industries LtdFinal20.0 %10-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Bombay Cycle & Motor Agency LtdFinal50.0 %16-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Galaxy Surfactants LtdFinal220.0 %21-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
RBL Bank LtdFinal15.0 %27-04-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Control Print LtdFinal50.0 %11-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Sudarshan Chemical Industries LtdFinal50.0 %17-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Bondada Engineering LtdFinal1.5 %01-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Power Finance Corporation LtdFinal25.0 %15-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Mukand LtdFinal20.0 %15-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Whirlpool of India LtdFinal50.0 %20-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
InfoBeans Technologies LtdFinal10.0 %07-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Sobha LtdFinal30.0 %17-05-202426-07-202426-07-2024
Menon Bearings LtdInterim200.0 %18-07-202426-07-202426-07-2024
United Breweries LtdFinal1000.0 %07-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
V-Guard Industries LtdFinal140.0 %16-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys LtdFinal75.0 %23-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Radico Khaitan LtdFinal150.0 %14-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
MRF LtdFinal1940.0 %03-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Orient Electric LtdFinal75.0 %09-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Suryalata Spinning Mills LtdFinal20.0 %23-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Diamines & Chemicals LtdFinal25.0 %24-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Magadh Sugar & Energy LtdSpecial50.0 %14-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Magadh Sugar & Energy LtdFinal100.0 %14-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection LtdFinal30.0 %06-05-202426-07-202425-07-2024
Pradeep Metals LtdFinal20.0 %17-05-202425-07-202425-07-2024
Akzo Nobel India LtdFinal250.0 %16-05-202425-07-202425-07-2024
Datamatics Global Services LtdFinal100.0 %08-05-202425-07-202425-07-2024
Bhansali Engineering Polymers LtdInterim 1100.0 %12-07-202425-07-202425-07-2024
Elgi Equipments LtdFinal200.0 %27-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
IFGL Refractories LtdFinal70.0 %18-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
Vinyl Chemicals (I) LtdFinal675.0 %03-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
Pidilite Industries LtdFinal1600.0 %07-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
Avadh Sugar & Energy LtdFinal100.0 %13-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
Indo Count Industries LtdFinal110.0 %27-05-202425-07-202424-07-2024
Lakshmi Machine Works LtdFinal750.0 %27-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Dynamic Cables LtdFinal5.0 %14-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Fiem Industries LtdFinal200.0 %21-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Privi Speciality Chemicals LtdFinal20.0 %02-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Honeywell Automation India LtdFinal1000.0 %15-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Fortis Malar Hospitals LtdFinal25.0 %17-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Fortis Healthcare LtdFinal10.0 %23-05-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Hatsun Agro Product LtdInterim600.0 %15-07-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Hatsun Agro Product LtdInterim 1600.0 %15-07-202424-07-202424-07-2024
Goodyear India LtdFinal150.0 %27-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Tube Investments of India LtdFinal150.0 %13-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals LtdFinal153.0 %28-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
TCPL Packaging LtdFinal220.0 %28-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Walchand Peoplefirst LtdFinal10.0 %09-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Novartis India LtdFinal500.0 %10-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Hil LtdFinal225.0 %07-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Oriental Carbon & Chemicals LtdFinal70.0 %22-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Data Patterns (India) LtdFinal325.0 %17-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
TCFC Finance LtdFinal18.0 %13-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Modison LtdFinal200.0 %29-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Weizmann LtdFinal5.0 %28-05-202424-07-202423-07-2024
Rainbow Childrens Medicare LtdFinal30.0 %19-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Shriram Finance LtdFinal150.0 %26-04-202423-07-202423-07-2024
SIL Investments LtdFinal25.0 %10-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Walchand Peoplefirst LtdFinal10.0 %09-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Rajratan Global Wire LtdFinal100.0 %22-04-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Plastiblends India LtdFinal85.0 %02-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Shree Cement LtdFinal550.0 %14-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
HCL Technologies LtdInterim 2600.0 %12-07-202423-07-202423-07-2024
Modison LtdFinal200.0 %29-05-202423-07-202423-07-2024
DHP India LtdFinal40.0 %27-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
XPRO India LtdFinal20.0 %28-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Exide Industries LtdFinal200.0 %30-04-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Carborundum Universal LtdFinal250.0 %03-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys LtdFinal75.0 %23-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Voltamp Transformers LtdFinal900.0 %02-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Divgi Torqtransfer Systems LtdFinal52.0 %24-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Taparia Tools LtdFinal200.0 %21-05-202423-07-202422-07-2024
Swelect Energy Systems LtdFinal30.0 %24-05-202422-07-202422-07-2024
Bemco Hydraulics LtdFinal20.0 %30-05-202422-07-202422-07-2024
Swelect Energy Systems LtdSpecial10.0 %24-05-202422-07-202422-07-2024
Happy Forgings LtdFinal200.0 %24-05-202422-07-202422-07-2024
Chembond Chemicals LtdFinal70.0 %25-05-202422-07-202422-07-2024

Upcoming Dividend Stocks 2024 – FAQs

What Is Dividend?

A dividend is a payment made by a corporation to its shareholders, usually as a distribution of profits. When a company earns a profit, it can reinvest it in the business or distribute it to shareholders as a dividend. Dividends are typically paid regularly, such as quarterly.

How to see dividend growth?

To see dividend growth, review a company’s historical dividend payments over several years, typically found in its annual reports or on financial news websites. Look for consistent increases in the dividend amount, indicating a positive growth trend in the company’s profit distribution.

How do I track my upcoming dividends?

To track your upcoming dividends, use your brokerage account’s portfolio management tools, subscribe to dividend alert services, or regularly check the investor relations sections of the websites of companies whose stocks you own. Some financial apps also provide notifications for upcoming dividends.

What Is The Difference Between Cash Dividends And Stock Dividends?

The main difference between cash dividends and stock dividends lies in their form of payment. Cash dividends provide shareholders with a payout in monetary form, directly affecting their liquid assets. Stock dividends, on the other hand, are paid in the form of additional shares, increasing the shareholders’ equity without immediate financial gain.

How Are Dividends Paid To Shareholders?

Dividends are paid to shareholders based on the shares they own. Companies declare dividend payments on a per-share basis, and shareholders receive these dividends directly, usually via direct deposit or check. The payment is made on a specific date known as the “payable date” to shareholders who are on record as of the “record date.”

Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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