Zee Stays Banned; SAIL, Hindustan Copper on Edge of NSE’s F&O Restrictions

Zee Entertainment stays on NSE's F&O ban list, while SAIL, Hindustan Copper, and India Cements near the 95% MWPL threshold, risking trading restrictions due to high speculation risks.

Zee Entertainment remains the sole stock on the National Stock Exchange’s futures and options (F&O) ban list for trading on June 6 due to exceeding the market-wide position limit (MWPL). Stocks enter this ban when their open interest surpasses 95% of the MWPL.

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SAIL, Hindustan Copper, and India Cements are on the brink of entering the F&O ban list, with their respective percentages nearing the critical 95% threshold. This action restricts trading to prevent excessive speculation and maintain market integrity.

SAIL’s recent performance shows a significant decline, dropping 12.09% over the last month. It is currently underperforming its 20-day and 50-day moving averages, although it stays above its 200-day moving average, hinting at longer-term stability despite recent dips.

Hindustan Copper has also seen a downturn, with a 14.46% fall over the past month. Similar to SAIL, this stock remains below its short-term moving averages but above the 200-day, indicating persistent challenges in the shorter term but some resilience on a longer timeline.

India Cements has experienced a smaller decline of 3.41% within the same period but is underperforming across all measured moving averages, signaling broader market challenges. No stocks are projected to be removed from the F&O ban on June 6, 2024.

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