How to Generate ANT API Key via API Documentation? Video Tutorial

Watch this video to learn how to generate ANT API Key via API Documentation in Alice Blue. Steps on how to access the Ant API tool.
  1. Visit our website
  2. In the above bar, you will see Ant Section with a drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Ant API; it will redirect you to this web page.
  4. If you already have a Demat account with Alice Blue, then click on login, or else, if you are new here, you may click on sign up and open an account in just 15 minutes.
  5. Once you log in to the portal, you will see a dashboard where you can create your own app.
  6. Click on create a new app.
  7. A form will open up asking you to enter the vendor details.
  8. Fill in the form and save the data. Next, you have to go to the Postman scrips and API docs at the top right corner of your screens.
  9. Click on API Docs and go to the vendors section on the left menu and click again on SSO.
  10. In the right section, you will see a description, scroll down and download the postman sample.
  11. Follow the similar step for postman scrip and download it as well.
  12. Once both the .json files are downloaded, then go to a new tab and enter
  13. A login page will open. Log in with your Demat account credentials.
  14. Once you log in, you will see the details of the app you created before.
  15. Open that and copy the App Code.
  16. Open a new tab and enter in the URL and click enter.
  17. Check the URL; you will see a default app code there, and replace that app code with your app code.
  18. The page will be refreshed with your app code.
  19. You will be asked to log in again, and later you will be redirected to the link which you gave when creating your app.
  20. In the URL, you can see your user id and auth code.
  21. Now you need to download the postman software.
  22. Go to google and search for postman download, open the first link and download the software.
  23. Once you install it, open the postman app, go to the top left option at the file and click on new.
  24. Then click on import and upload both the .json files you downloaded before.
  25. Click on Vendor Copy; it will give you an option of “getSessionid.” Click that.
  26. Then click on Body, and a code will be opened. You will see in the brackets that the user id, auth code, and secret id will be written.
  27. Next, you need to go to a new in the browser and enter SHA-256 in the URL.
  28. Click on the first link you get in the search result.
  29. A webpage will be opened with SHA-256 Cryptographic Hash Algorithm.
  30. Next, go to the API Connection URL, Copy your User ID and paste it into the message section of the SHA-256 page.
  31. Go back to the connection URL and copy your auth code and paste it in the message section of the SHA-256 page.
  32. Now go back to your App details page and find the secret key; copy that and paste it into the message section of the SHA-256 page.
  33. Once done, you get a Hash Key, Copy that and go to postman software, where you found the code.
  34. Now paste your hash key in the inverted comma section and click on the send button.
  35. As soon as you click send, a new code will be generated below, and you can get your user session ID and copy the user session id without the inverted commas.
  36. Then click on Alice Blue Postman Connection and find the order management option.
  37. Later, a drop-down menu will appear, click on place order and move to the authorization section.
  38. Below, you will find “Type” there will be a drop-down menu again; click on the bearer token.
  39. A new box will appear on the right side, where you need to enter your user id and the user session id.
  40. Enter your user id first, give a space and then enter your user session id.
  41. Next, you need to come to the body, and a code will open.
  42. There, you can see the order details where you can add the company’s symbol of your choice and enter the respective values and click send.
  43. And your order id will be generated. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy.
The process is quite simple and easy to understand; if you have any questions related to the video, you can comment them in the comments section, and we will get you the solution. I recommend you watch the video again if you missed any step. If you find this video informative, don’t forget to hit the like and share button.  Subscribe to the channel and tap the bell icon to get notifications from Alice Blue.




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