RMS Live Updates

Last Update: March 22, 2023

Dear Valued Clients, March 22, 2023 is a settlement holiday on account of Gudi Padwa. There is no payout and the Equity trades placed on 21st March 2023 will get settled on 23rd march 2023, Stocks purchased on 21st March 2023 will not be available for selling on 22nd March 2023, Currency trading will be a holiday, Credits of all the segments trade of 21st March 2023 will not be available for trade on 22nd March 2023.
Dear Valued Clients, Tender Period for NATURALGAS OPTFUT 24MAR23 contract expiry starts today (22/03/2023), maintain adequate margin and all NRML open positions will be squared off today (22/03/2023) by 10:30pm onwards.Near month contracts are allowed to trade based on Open Interest and Liquidity.Kindly Trade accordingly, Further details contact us on 08035215055 | 08045490855.
For Diredt UPI Payin Use URL:https://funds.aliceblueonline.com/
Dear Valued Clients. Alice blue. Happy to inform that per order charges for the F20 plan: Existing F20 plan =Rs.20 Per order(Existing charges) New Changes Done F20 to F15 plan =Rs.15 Per order(New charges) Equity delivery: zero Enjoy your trades ...!
OPTIDX Allowed contracts for intraday. Format:- Symbol|Expiry| strike|Instrument (1) NIFTY |24-Jun-21|10%|OPTIDX. (2) NIFTY |01-Jul-21|10%|OPTIDX. (3) NIFTY |29-Jul-21|3%|OPTIDX. (1)BANKNIFTY |24-Jun-21|10%|OPTIDX. (2) BANKNIFTY |01-Jul-21|10%|OPTIDX. (3) BANKNIFTY |29-Jul-21|3%|OPTIDX. (1) FINNIFTY |24-Jun-21|3%|OPTIDX. (2) FINNIFTY |01-Jul-21|3%|OPTIDX.
Stay tuned with AliceBlue......!!!!! The changes as per these guidelines are being rolled out in phases. In the previous phase which was effective from 1st March 2021, brokers had to collect a minimum of 50% funds on the prescribed limit from customers. And now in the next phase which will be effective from 1st June 2021, brokers have to collect a minimum of 75% funds on the prescribed limit from customers.
How does this affect intraday traders? As per SEBI guidelines, brokers have to collect a minimum of 75% funds on the prescribed limit on Intraday trading offered across various products. Margin applicable on the intraday positions would be: 1. Equity: 75% on applicable VAR + ELM OR 20% of trade value 2. Futures and Option (writing): 75% on SPAN + Exposure margin
Happy to inform you that the BTST(Buy today sell tommorow) are allowed for both POA & NON-POA clients with Upfront Margin requirement of 30% on the value of stocks. (only A group)
Dear Valued Clients,Due to Physical settlement in NSE Equity derivatives (FUTSTK&OPTSTK), all current month contracts 24JUN2021 Blocked for all Product please close the Future & Option ITM carryforward open positions before 1.45 PM on 24JUN2021 Or else RMS will square off the position at 2:00 PM 24/06/2021 to avoid physical settlement. Further details contact us on 08061575555.NOTE: IF any volatility happen in the Market RMS Will square off your position anytime.