Upcoming IPOs in July 2024 – Upcoming IPO

In July 2024, several companies are set to launch new IPOs, providing investors with diverse opportunities for investment. These IPOs span various sectors and aim to capitalize on current market conditions and investor interest.
Upcoming IPOs in July 2024 - Upcoming IPO

In July 2024, several companies are launching new IPOs, offering diverse investment opportunities for investors. These companies include industries such as pharmaceuticals, wire manufacturing, laboratories, green energy, infrastructure, and more.

Upcoming IPO In July 2024

Issuer CompanyIPO DateIPO TypeIPO SizeIPO Price
SAR Televenture IPO22 to 24 JulyNSE SME₹150 Cr₹200 to ₹210
Kataria Industries IPO16 to 19 JulyNSE SME₹54.58 Cr₹91 to ₹96
Macobs Technologies IPO16 to 19 JulyNSE SME₹19.46 Cr₹71 to ₹75
Tunwal E-Motors IPO15 to 18 JulyNSE SME₹115.64 Cr₹59
Three M Paper Boards IPO12 to 16 JulyBSE SME  ₹39.83 Cr. ₹67 to ₹69
Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO12 to 16 July NSE SME₹17.36 Cr.₹123 to ₹130
Prizor Viztech Limited IPO12 to 16 July NSE SMENANA
Sahaj Solar Limited IPO11 to 15 JulyNSE SME₹52.56 Cr.₹171 to ₹180
Ganesh Green Bharat IPO5 to 9 JulyNSE SME₹125.23 Cr.₹181 to ₹190
Effwa Infra & Research IPO5 to 9 JulyNSE SME₹51.27Cr.₹82
Ambey Laboratories IPO3 to 5 JulyNSE SME₹46.68 Cr.₹65 to ₹68
Bansal Wire IPO3 to 5 JulyMainline₹745 Cr.₹243 to ₹256
Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO3 to 5 JulyMainline₹1952.03 Cr.₹960 to ₹1008

Introduction Of Upcoming IPOs in July 2024

SAR Televenture IPO

SAR Televenture provides telecom solutions and infrastructure, installing and leasing 413 telecom towers across India as of May 2024. ISO-certified, it offers services including project management, dark fiber leasing, and optical fiber network construction, supporting telecom operators and ISPs with comprehensive telecommunication infrastructure solutions.

Kataria Industries IPO

Kataria Industries manufactures and supplies LRPC strands, steel wires, PT anchorage systems, HDPE ducts, couplers, and aluminum conductors for sectors like infrastructure, railways, and power. Incorporated in 2004, they operate two ISO-certified plants in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, with robust machinery and in-house testing facilities.

Macobs Technologies IPO

Founded in 2019, Macobs Technologies specializes in male below-the-belt grooming, operating exclusively through e-commerce. They offer innovative, safe grooming tools and hygiene products. The company aims to change societal perceptions about male grooming through educational content on online platforms.

Tunwal E-Motors IPO

Tunwal E-Motors Ltd, established in 2018, specializes in electric two-wheelers. With over 23 models, a 346% revenue CAGR, and a dealer base in 19 states, it leads India’s sustainable mobility drive. Key departments include Sales, Marketing, Accounts, HR, and Service, focusing on innovation and customer satisfaction.

Three M Paper Boards IPO

Three M Paper Boards manufactures recycled paper-based duplex board products for packaging in industries like food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Headquartered in Mumbai with a Chiplun facility, it boasts a 72,000 TPA capacity. Products are eco-friendly, using 100% recycled paper, and cater to domestic and international markets.

Sati Poly Plast Limited IPO

Sati Poly Plast Limited, established in July 1999, manufactures multifunctional flexible packaging materials. Operating from two units in Noida, the company has significantly scaled its production capacity to meet the packaging demands of various industries across multiple states 

in India.

Prizor Viztech Limited IPO

Prizor Viztech Limited, established in 2017, specializes in security solutions with a range of CCTV cameras for retail, government, education, and infrastructure. Expanding in 2022, it added televisions, touch panels, and monitors to its product line, alongside video management software enhancing surveillance capabilities.

Sahaj Solar Limited IPO

Sahaj Solar specializes in solar solutions with decade-long expertise across PV module manufacturing, solar pumping systems, and EPC services. Their 100 MW capacity plant in Gujarat offers mono & poly-crystalline modules, including Mono PERC technology, under the brand ‘SAHAJ’, focusing on quality and efficiency in solar power generation.

Ganesh Green Bharat IPO

Ganesh Green Bharat’s NSE SME IPO aims to raise ₹125.23 crores via IPO. The company specializes in solar and electrical SITC services for government schemes and water supply projects. Key projects include the Saubhagya Scheme, KUSUM Scheme, Saur Sujla Yojna, and Jal Jeevan Mission.

Effwa Infra & Research IPO

Effwa Infra & Research Limited, founded in 2014, provides engineering, consultancy, procurement, construction, and integrated project management services in water pollution control. Their expertise includes sewage and industrial effluent treatment, solid waste disposal, ventilation systems, hazardous waste management, and water treatment plants. 

Ambey Laboratories IPO

Ambey Laboratories, a pharmaceutical formulations company, aims to raise around ₹44.68 crores via IPO, comprising a fresh issue of 62.58 lakh shares aggregating to ₹42.55 crores and an offer for sale of 3.12 lakh shares amounting to ₹2.12 crores.

Bansal Wire IPO

Bansal Wire, the largest stainless steel wire manufacturing company, aims to raise around ₹745 crores via IPO, comprising a fresh issue of ₹745 crores and an offer for sale. The IPO allocates a retail quota of 35%, a QIB quota of 50%, and an HNI quota of 15%.

Emcure Pharmaceuticals IPO

Emcure Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical company, aims to raise around ₹1,952.03 crores via IPO, including a fresh issue of ₹800 crores and an offer for sale of up to 11,428,839 equity shares of ₹5 each. Emcure caters to both domestic and international markets. The retail quota is 35%, QIB is 50%, and HNI is 15%.

Upcoming IPO in July 2024 – FAQs

1. What Is An IPO?

IPO is a process where a company decides to raise funds from the public by selling its shares.
The shares are first issued in the primary market via IPO and then moved to the secondary market, where it is traded among the public. The secondary market is also known as the After Issue Market.

2. What are the types of IPOs?

Fixed Price Offering: In this type of IPO, the company offers its shares at a fixed price.

Book Building Offering: In the book-building method, the company fixes a price band. The investors have to bid within the fixed price band to get the shares.

3. How to apply for an IPO?

Investing in an IPO is made simple through Alice Blue. Follow these easy steps to start your investment.

Step 1: Open your free Demat account with Alice Blue in just 15 minutes. Already have an account !! Then just, simply login to Alice IPO.
Step 2: Choose from the IPO you want to apply and place your bid.
Step 3: Once the bid is placed via UPI, the UPI App will block funds in your Bank account proportional to the bid (Till the allotment date). If the shares are allotted to you, the money will be debited from your account, if not, the money will be unblocked.

4. How is IPO calculated?

An IPO price is calculated by assessing the company’s valuation with input from an investment bank. This value is then divided by the total number of shares to be issued, arriving at a price per share. The final price balances the company’s need to raise capital by offering an attractive investment to buyers.

5. Can I Apply for an IPO without a Demat account?

No, according to the SEBI rules it is mandatory to have a Demat account to apply for an IPO.

6. Are IPOs a good investment?

Yes, IPOs can be a good investment for both the short and long term. If a company has a strong financial status and high demand for its shares, it can be a good opportunity for investors. However, it’s important to research each IPO before investing.

7. How can one apply for upcoming IPOs online?

Steps to apply for the IPO through Alice Blue
Step 1: Log in to the Alice Blue Rise platform.
Step 2: Choose the preferred IPO from the Live IPOs list.
Step 3: Enter your UPI ID linked to your personal bank account.
Step 4: Read the declaration and click ‘Submit.’

8. How to Subscribe to an IPO?

You can apply for an IPO through three different methods:
1. Broker Online:  Open your Alice Blue Demat account, select the IPO and place your bid via your UPI ID. You’ll receive a mandate approval request to your bank account, which you need to approve to submit your application.

2. Broker Offline: Contact your broker like Alice Blue and fill out & submit the IPO application form.

3. ASBA Online: Log in to your bank account and apply for the IPO via ASBA. Enter the required details such as your Demat account number, PAN number, and bidding details, then submit the application.

Disclaimer – Consult your financial advisor before subscribing to an IPO. The investment market is risky and it may be inappropriate to invest without full information. You are responsible for your own investment results.

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