Margin: Commodities

Crude oil contracts allowed for trading Natural gas contracts allowed for trading 17/10/2023-STRIKE PRICE FOR NRML:2200TO 2600 17/10/2023-STRIKE PRICE FOR MIS:2200 TO 2600 22/09/2023-STRIKE PRICE FOR NRML:220 TO 23022/09/2023-STRIKE PRICE FOR MIS:220 TO 230

Margin: Equity Futures

Securities under ban Bank Nifty contracts allowed for trading Nifty contracts allowed for trading BALRAMCHIN BHEL CHAMBLFERT DELTACORP IBULHSGFIN IEX MANAPPURAM PNB RECLTD ZEEL 28/09/2023-NRML: ALL STRIKES ARE ALLOWED28/09/2023-MIS: ALL STRIKES ARE ALLOWED 04/09/2023-NRML: 40900 TO 50100 MIS: 40900 TO 5010011/09/2023-NRML: 40900 TO 50100 MIS: 40900 TO 50100 21/09/2023-NRML: ALL STRIKES ARE ALLOWED21/09/2023-MIS: ALL STRIKES […]

Procedure for Lodging a Compliant

STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE FOR FILING A COMPLAINT ON DESIGNATED E-MAIL ID: Complaints Centralized Grievance e-mail ID: The register of grievances is centrally maintained for better control and monitoring. Thus, the grievances received in writing, by mail, or verbally are centrally monitored, redressed, and recorded, along with all the necessary steps taken to address […]

List of Authorised Persons

Sr. No. Authorised Person’s Name Authorised Person Code (Exchange Wise) Constitution Status:Approved / Cancelled Address City State Pincode Terminal Alloted (Y/N) No. Of Terminals 1 GANESH KUMAR MAHATO AP2988000121 Individual Approved BASANT 98 SOLAGIDIH NEAR PANI TANKI PO CHASCHAS BOKARO Bokaro Jharkhand 827013 N 0 2 GANESH KUMAR MAHATO 115321 Individual Approved BASANT 98 SOLAGIDIH […]

AP Cancelled by Disciplinary Reasons

Sr. No. Authorised Person’s Name Status Terminal Details (Exchange Wise) Terminal Allotted (Y/N) No. Of Terminals 1         2         3        

Branch Details

Basic Details of the SB such as registration number, registered address of the Head Office and branches if any – Stock Broker Name Registered Number Registered Address Branch Address (if any) Contact Number Email Id Alice Blue Financial Services Private Limited  INZ000156038 No-153/2 ,3rd Floor,M R B Arcade ,Bagalur Main Road,Yelahanka,Dwaraga Nagar,Bengaluru,Karnataka-560063  –  08035215000 […]