Decade Under Modi Sees Mutual Funds Soar with Returns Up to 960%

In the last decade, mutual fund investors saw returns up to 960% under Modi's government, with 195 equity schemes showing significant growth.
Decade Under Modi Sees Mutual Funds Soar with Returns Up to 960%

Over the last decade under Modi’s leadership, mutual fund investors have seen returns as high as 960%, with 195 equity schemes active during this time. The top performers were primarily revealed through ACE MF data, highlighting significant growth in the sector.

The highest returns were recorded by two smallcap funds, with Nippi on India Small Cap Fund and SBI Small Cap Fund delivering approximately 964.27% and 904.58% returns respectively. These remarkable gains demonstrate the potential of smallcap investments over the past decade.

Following the smallcap leaders, three funds from Quant Mutual Fund also showed impressive performances. The Quant ELSS Tax Saver Fund, Quant Active Fund, and Quant Large & Mid Cap Fund provided returns of 865%, 699.93%, and 693.38%, showcasing the diverse success across different fund categories.

Another smallcap fund significantly contributed to the high returns of the past decade, offering an absolute return of 678.81%. Similarly, a flexi cap fund also performed well, with a return of 669.83%, underlining the robust growth across various cap sizes in the mutual fund arena.

Investors are cautioned not to base their investment or redemption decisions solely on past performances. It’s crucial to consider individual risk tolerance, investment goals, and timelines before committing to investments, as past success does not guarantee future results.

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