Gold Mini

Gold Mini

Gold Mini represents a mid-range futures contract available on India’s Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), featuring a more manageable lot size of 100 grams. This makes it more accessible compared to the standard Gold contract, which has a lot size of 1000 grams.

The futures contracts Gold Petal, Gold Mini, and Gold on India’s MCX each represent one gram, one hundred grams, and one kilogram of gold, respectively. They range in size from small retail investors (Gold Petal), mid-level investors (Gold Mini), to large institutional traders (Gold), depending on the investor’s level of investment capacity. 


What Is Gold Mini Mcx?

Gold Mini is a middle-sized option on India’s MCX; the lot size of gold mini is just 100 grams. It’s bigger than Gold Petal, where the lot size is just 1 gram of gold, and smaller than the regular Gold contract, whose lot size is a hefty 1000 grams.

Gold Mini Futures Symbol

The trading symbol for Gold Mini futures on MCX is GOLDM. This symbol is used across trading platforms and is recognized globally. 

Contract NameSymbolExchange

What is the difference between gold and gold mini in MCX?

The primary difference between gold and gold mini in MCX lies in the contract size. Standard gold futures contracts (symbol: GOLD) represent 1 KG of gold, while Gold Mini contracts (symbol: GOLDM) represent only 100 grams of gold. 

ParameterGoldGold Mini
Contract Size1 KG100 Grams
Tick Size₹1₹1
Quality995 purity995 purity
Trading Time9 am to 11:30 pm/11:55 pm9 am to 11:30 pm/11:55 pm
Delivery CenterMCX-accredited delivery centersMCX-accredited delivery centers
Expiry Date5th day of contract month5th day of contract month

Contract Specifications – Gold Mini

The Gold Mini, symbolized as GOLDM, is a futures contract available on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) of India. Each contract represents 100 grams of 995 fineness gold, with the price quoted per 10 grams. It’s tradable from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM/11:55 PM during daylight saving, with a maximum order size of 10 Kg.

CommodityGold Mini
Contract Start Day6th day of the contract launch month. If the 6th day is a holiday, then the following business day
Expiry Date5th of the contract expiry month. If the 5th is a holiday, then the previous business day
Trading SessionMonday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM/11:55 PM (Daylight saving)
Contract Size100 grams
Purity of Gold995 fineness
Price QuotePer 10 grams
Maximum Order Size10 Kg
Tick Size₹1
Base Value100 grams of Gold
Delivery Unit100 grams (Minimum)
Delivery CentreAt all Delivery Centers of MCX

How To Buy Gold Mini In Mcx?

Buying a Gold Mini contract in MCX involves a simple process that follows these steps:

  1. Open a trading account with a broker that has access to the MCX.
  2. Complete the necessary KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
  3. Deposit the required margin in your trading account.
  4. Use the trading platform provided by your broker to locate the Gold Mini futures (GOLDM).
  5. Decide the number of contracts you wish to buy based on your investment strategy and the available margin.
  6. Place the buy order and monitor your position regularly.

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Gold Mini – Quick Summary

  • Gold Mini is a smaller-sized futures contract traded on the MCX, with the underlying asset being 100 grams of gold.
  • It uses the trading symbol GOLDM across platforms and globally.
  • Gold Mini and standard gold futures differ primarily in contract size, with the former being a tenth of the latter, facilitating lower investment thresholds.
  • Buying Gold Mini contracts in MCX involves opening a trading account, completing KYC, depositing margins, and placing orders via a broker’s platform like Alice Blue.
  • Start your investment journey with Alice Blue. AliceBlue’s 15 Rs brokerage plan can help you save more than ₹ 1100 in brokerage fees every month. They also don’t levy clearing charges. 

Mcx Gold Mini – FAQs  

1. What Is Gold Mini Mcx?

Gold Mini MCX is a specific type of futures contract traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange of India, wherein the underlying asset is 100 grams of gold.

2. What is the lot size of a gold mini in MCX?

The lot size, or contract size, of a Gold Mini in MCX is 100 grams. This is significantly smaller than the standard gold futures contract, which is 1 KG.

3. What is GoldM in MCX?

GoldM is the trading symbol for the Gold Mini futures contract on the MCX. 

4. What is the symbol for mini gold futures?

The symbol for mini gold futures, specifically the Gold Mini contract on the MCX, is GOLDM. 

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