Gold Petal Mcx

Gold Petal Mcx

Gold Petal is a unique futures contract traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) of India. Each contract lot size is just 1 gram of gold, while the lot size of Gold Mini is 100 grams, and the standard Gold contract lot size is 1 kilogram.


Gold Petal Mcx

In MCX, Gold Petal contracts in India are designed to make the futures market more accessible to small investors. Each contract represents just 1 gram of gold, making it a more affordable option for investing in this asset class.

To provide a comparison, let’s take a look at two other common types of gold contracts traded on the MCX:

  • Gold Mini (GoldM): Each Gold Mini futures contract represents 100 grams of gold. This is a smaller contract than the standard gold contract and might be a suitable option for individuals or organizations that want more exposure than Gold Petal provides but without the significant capital required for standard gold contracts.
  • Gold: This is the standard futures contract, where each contract represents 1 kilogram, or 1,000 grams, of gold. These contracts are usually preferred by large institutional investors who have significant capital at their disposal.

So, to summarize:

Gold Petal = 1 gram

Gold Mini (GoldM) = 100 grams

Gold = 1,000 grams

Contract Specifications – Gold Petal

Contract specifications for Gold Petal Futures contracts on MCX can be presented in the following table:

CommodityGold Petal
Contract Start Day6th day of the contract launch month. If the 6th day is a holiday, then the following business day
Expiry Date5th of the contract expiry month. If the 5th is a holiday, then the previous business day
Trading SessionMonday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 11:30 PM/11:55 PM (Daylight saving)
Contract Size1 gram
Purity of Gold995 fineness
Price QuotePer gram
Maximum Order Size10 Kg
Tick Size₹0.50
Base Value1 gram of Gold
Delivery Unit8 grams (Minimum)
Delivery CentreAt all Delivery Centers of MCX

Gold Petal Vs Gold Guinea

The main difference between Gold Petal and Gold Guinea is their size. Gold Petal represents 1 gram of gold, whereas Gold Guinea represents 8 grams. 

ParameterGold PetalGold Guinea
Contract Size1 gram8 grams
Ideal forRetail and small investors due to smaller contract sizeInvestors looking for larger exposure and willing to invest more capital
Total Contract ValueLower due to smaller contract sizeHigher due to larger contract size
RiskLower risk due to smaller exposureHigher risk due to larger exposure
FlexibilityHigher flexibility with smaller contractsLess flexibility with larger contracts
Delivery CentersMumbai, AhmedabadMumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Chennai
Delivery Unit1 gram of gold of 995 fineness, packed in tamper-proof certified packs8 grams of gold (1 Guinea) of 995 fineness
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How to invest in Gold Petal Mcx?

To invest in Gold Petal MCX, follow these steps:

  1. Open a trading account with a registered commodity broker like Alice Blue.
  2. Complete the KYC process by providing the required documents.
  3. Deposit the required margin in your trading account.
  4. Start buying or selling Gold Petal contracts through the trading platform provided by the broker.

Investing in Gold Petal contracts allows smaller investors to gain exposure to the gold market without needing a significant amount of capital.

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Gold Petal MCX – Quick Summary

  • Gold Petal is a unique gold futures contract traded on MCX, representing just 1 gram of gold.
  • On MCX, Gold Petal offers a cost-effective entry to the gold futures market for smaller investors.
  • Gold Petal and Gold Guinea are futures contracts, but Gold Petal signifies 1 gram of gold, and Gold Guinea represents 8 grams.
  • Gold Petal contracts on MCX have specific specifications, including a 1-gram contract size, 995 purity, and monthly expiry.
  • Investing in Gold Petal MCX involves opening a trading account, completing the KYC process, depositing a margin, and executing trades through the broker’s platform.
  • Invest in gold petax with Alice Blue. You can save more than ₹ 1100 per month on brokerage fees with their 15 Rs plan of AliceBlue. They also don’t levy clearing charges. 

Gold Petal – FAQs  

1. What is the Gold Petal Mcx?

Gold Petal MCX is a type of gold futures contract traded on the Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX) in India. Each Gold Petal contract represents 1 gram of gold, making it a cost-effective option for retail investors to participate in the gold futures market.

2. What is the lot size of gold petal in MCX?

Here’s the requested information about the Gold Petal contract lot size presented in a table format:

CommodityGold Petal
Lot Size1 (Each contract represents 1 gram of gold)

3. What is the difference between gold and gold petal?

The key difference between gold and Gold Petals is how they are traded. Physical gold can be bought or sold in physical markets, whereas Gold Petal is a futures contract representing 1 gram of gold and is traded on the MCX. 

4. How much does gold petal weigh?

A Gold Petal contract represents 1 gram of gold. Therefore, the weight of the Gold Petal is equivalent to 1 gram of gold.

5. What is the difference between gold petal and gold mini?

The primary difference between Gold Petal and Gold Mini is the lot size of Gold Petal contract is 1 gram of gold, whereas the lot size of Gold Mini contract is 100 grams of gold. 

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