January 17, 2024

Special Memorandum Account

Special Memorandum Account

The Special Memorandum Account is a type of credit line where surplus equity from a margin account is stored. This account enhances the purchasing power of investors when they buy shares using borrowed funds, or on margin.


What Is a Special Memorandum Account?

The Special Memorandum Account (SMA) acts like a credit account in margin trading, where cash deposits and earnings like dividends increase its value. This allows investors to withdraw these credits to buy more stocks, thereby enhancing their purchasing power.

Special Memorandum Account Example

In the Indian stock market, if an investor has excess funds in their margin account, these are transferred to their Special Memorandum Account. This SMA balance can then be used to purchase additional stocks, effectively increasing the investor’s buying capacity in the market.

Purpose of Special Memorandum Account

The main purpose of Special Memorandum Account (SMA) is it primarily boosts the purchasing power in a margin account, locking in profits and displaying positive or negative signals. It grows with deposits and dividends, acting as a credit source for buying more stocks, with a positive balance being crucial for new investments.

Enhancing Purchasing Power: The primary purpose of an SMA is to increase the buying capacity in an investor’s margin or brokerage account.

Profit Lock-In: It helps in securing the profits earned within margin accounts.

Positive and Negative Signals: The SMA has two operational states – positive and negative. Maintaining a positive SMA is crucial for the health of the investment account.

Deposit Impact: Deposits into an SMA result in a corresponding increase in the value of the investor’s share or derivative holdings.

Utilizing Earnings: Investing a portion of earnings, like dividends, into an SMA effectively turns it into a credit account.

Withdrawal for Additional Investments: Investors can withdraw credits from their SMA to fund the purchase of additional stocks.

Importance of Positive Balance: Keeping a positive SMA balance is essential for investors who want to continue purchasing new stocks.

Special Memorandum Account – Quick Summary

  • A Special Memorandum Account (SMA) is a credit line in margin accounts, holding excess equity to enhance investors’ purchasing power for buying shares, growing with cash deposits and dividends.
  • The SMA’s purpose is to increase investment capacity, secure profits, and offer insights through positive or negative signals. It allows for the withdrawal of funds for buying more stocks, with a positive balance being vital for ongoing investments.
  • In the Indian stock market, excess funds in an investor’s margin account are moved to their Special Memorandum Account, which can be used to buy more stocks, boosting their market buying power.
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Special Memorandum Account – FAQs 

What is the meaning of special memorandum account?

The SMA in margin trading functions as a credit facility, where its value grows with cash deposits and dividends, enabling investors to utilize these funds to increase stock purchases.

Can you withdraw money from SMA?

The SMA operates similarly to a credit system, allowing investors to withdraw funds as cash to buy additional stocks, thereby expanding their capacity to invest in the market.

What is the purpose of an SMA?

The SMA’s main purpose is to enhance buying power in margin accounts, secure profits, and show positive or negative indicators. It increases with deposits and dividends, funding further stock purchases.

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