Types Of Orders English

Different Types Of Orders In Trading

The types of orders in trading include market orders, executed immediately at current market prices; limit orders, set at a specific price; stop orders, triggered at a certain price; stop-limit orders, combining stop and limit features; and GTT (Good Till Triggered) orders, remaining active until a specified condition is met.


What Is Order Type In the Stock Market?

Order type in the stock market refers to the different ways a trader can place a buy or sell order. Common types include market orders, limit orders, stop orders, and stop-limit orders, each with specific conditions for execution, offering varying levels of control over the transaction.

Market orders are executed immediately at the best available current price, offering speed and certainty of execution but not price. They are ideal for traders prioritizing quick execution over specific entry or exit prices in fast-moving markets.

Limit orders set a specific price for buying or selling a security, ensuring control over transaction price. They’re exec