Sub Broker Terminal – Best Dashboard To Track Leads, Earnings, Reports, etc.


Leads or accounts, managing transactions was a challenging task in the early days for sub-brokers. Everything has turned digital, so are the tasks of a sub-broker.

Is there a way to make this tedious process easily manageable and all in one place?

Don’t worry; we have got you covered; with Aliceblue’s sub-broker terminal, all your activities are taken care of. 

Let us understand more !!!


What is Aliceblue Sub-broker Terminal?

Aliceblue’s sub-broker terminal is your all-in-one dashboard. It has features that will enable you to manage data and instantly understand lead generation and performance easily. 

Aliceblue Partner dashboard is user-friendly with an array of features in it. It’s an easy-to-use platform that helps sub-brokers understand each level of the sales funnel and easily acquire clients. To make it more interactive, the data is also available in the form of bar charts.

Top Features/Advantages of AliceBlue’s Sub-broker Terminal

Performance Overview Dashboard

The performance overview dashboard gives you a clear view of overall earnings weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 

The dashboard also has an “Alerts section” that helps you compare the current month’s performance with the last month’s performance on the basis of lead generation, referral revenue, and own revenue, etc.


Lead Status

The lead section gives you detailed information about the number of leads generated, the leads’ status, and the accounts opened. 

The lead section is further divided into three sections based on the source from which the leads are generated:

  • Leads generated directly from the sub-brokers 
  • Lead from the clients of the sub-brokers 
  • Leads from their partners 

Incentives and Schemes

Incentives and schemes are some of the unique features offered by Aliceblue. We are one of the few brokers in India to provide additional incentives apart from brokerage sharing.

Incentive Details: This section will give you a summarized understanding of the incentives received.

Incentive Structure: The Incentive structure gives you a complete outline of the revised referral structure and the incentive policies provided.


TDS Certificate

TDS Certificate feature allows you to download TDS certificates of the selected quarter easily income tax-related easily, i.e., Form 16A, for future Income Tax related processes.

API Request

You can use this function to generate an API Link that can be used in your website to capture the leads. Here’s how it works:

  • First, get the API Link from the Aliceblue sub-broker terminal.
  • Then, embed the API Link into the lead form of your website.
  • If your website visitor fills the lead form, all the lead details of that particular visitor will replicate in the Aliceblue Terminal.
  • Once the lead is in the terminal, you can easily track the status of the lead.

This summarizes an overall explanation of the dashboard and its primary functions. 

Why Should One become a Sub Broker with Aliceblue?

Here are some of the benefits of becoming a sub-broker with Aliceblue:

  • Best in the industry profit sharing ratio of 60%. 
  • Aliceblue Partner Dashboard will help you track:
  • Lead Status
  • How many people your clients have referred
  • Accounts Opened 
  • Accounts Pending 
  • Accounts Under Process
  • Account Traded
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly performance reports.
  • Marketing and branding support via collaterals, banners, and more.
  • The Digi link will help you get the clients on board with a single click.
  • Training for all the technical platforms for smooth functioning.
  • 15 + Trade Store products for your clients that help in Algo Trading, Investing, Options Trading, Buy & Sell Signals, Advisory, Trading Tips, etc.
  • Live webinars and trading courses for clients.
  • Complete support via dedicated relationship manager.

Apart from all the benefits above, you will be eligible for incentives as well. Alice blue provides the most attractive incentives in the industry. Get Complete Details Here.

So, why think twice when you can add an extra source of income?

Click Here to Get Highest Brokerage Sharing in the Industry. Become an Aliceblue Sub Broker Today!  

To access Aliceblue’s Sub-broker terminal, Click Here.

Quick Summary

  • The performance overview dashboard gives you a clear view of overall earnings weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 
  • The lead section gives you detailed information about the number of leads generated, the leads’ status, and the accounts opened. 
  • The terminal provides an array of other features such as account overview, incentive, and schemes, TDS certificate, API request, and refer a partner option.
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