Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India

Highest Dividend Paying Stocks in India

The below table shows the highest dividend paying stocks in India, arranged according to market capitalization.

Highest Dividend StocksSub SectorClose Price
3M India LtdStationery26,642.95
Sanofi India LtdPharmaceuticals6,843.85
Bosch LtdAuto Parts18,879.30
Page Industries LtdApparel & Accessories37,958.95
Abbott India LtdPharmaceuticals22,554.85
Yamuna Syndicate LtdCommodities Trading12,338.90
Oracle Financial Services Software LtdSoftware Services3,853.85
Nestle India LtdFMCG – Foods22,532.90
MRF LtdTires & Rubber99,868.45
Maharashtra Scooters LtdTwo Wheelers5,478.25

Before finding out the highest dividend-paying stocks in India, You need to ask yourself a question, why do we invest money? We invest money to make more money in return, as simple as that. 

You may ask, how can we do that? I say, with extensive market research and proper knowledge about the stocks.

See, earning a good return on investment depends on many factors. But investing in dividend-paying stocks is undoubtedly an intelligent decision to make. 

How? Keep reading, and you’ll find out the answer to it.


What is Dividend?

A dividend is a reward that is paid to the shareholders by a publicly listed company. Dividends can be in the form of cash, shares, cash equivalents, etc., and they are usually issued from the company’s net profit or reserved cash.

What is Dividend Yield?

Dividend Yield is the ratio between the annual dividend per share and the current share price of the stock, calculated in percentage. This will help you to understand how much a company pays out in dividends on a percentage basis.

Dividend Yield = Annual Dividend Per Share/Current Share Price x 100

Let’s understand it with an example, suppose Ramesh invests in a stock that is trading at Rs 200 per share, and the annual dividend paid is Rs 20 per share. Then the dividend yield for this particular stock will be 10% [Rs 20/Rs 200 X 100].

Selecting a high dividend-paying stock and investing in it won’t make you eligible for dividend payouts. Yes, there’s a catch. You need to check specific dates before investing in these stocks:

  • Record Date
  • Ex-Date

What is a Record Date?

The record date is the cut-off date set by the company to be eligible for bonus shares. All the shareholders who have the shares in their Demat Account on the record date will be entitled to receive Dividends from the company.

What is Ex-Date?

If you want to be eligible for the bonus share, you have to buy the shares at least one day before the ex-bonus date. 

If we look at both dates, the basic idea is that you should buy the shares before Ex-Date and make sure that the shares are present in your Demat Account on the Record Date.

Click here to find out about the record date and ex-date of various stocks.

Best Dividend Paying Stocks List

After thorough analysis and data collection from various sources, we have made the following table with the top 10 highest dividend-paying stocks based on the dividend yield.

Highest Dividend StocksSub SectorMarket CapDividend Per Share
3M India LtdStationery30,013.47950.00
Sanofi India LtdPharmaceuticals15,761.81570.00
Bosch LtdAuto Parts55,693.94480.00
Page Industries LtdApparel & Accessories42,338.93380.00
Abbott India LtdPharmaceuticals47,927.48325.00
Yamuna Syndicate LtdCommodities Trading379.25325.00
Oracle Financial Services Software LtdSoftware Services33,331.81225.00
Nestle India LtdFMCG – Foods2,17,252.57220.00
MRF LtdTires & Rubber42,355.64175.00
Maharashtra Scooters LtdTwo Wheelers6,260.86160.00

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Top Dividend Paying Stocks

Check out brief information about each company to invest in the highest dividend-paying stocks.

3M India Ltd

3M India Ltd is a renowned multinational conglomerate known for its diversified portfolio of innovative products across various sectors. They specialize in industrial manufacturing, healthcare, safety and graphics, and consumer goods. 3M India Ltd is recognized for its commitment to research and development, technological advancements, and sustainability.

Sanofi India Ltd

Sanofi India Ltd is a leading pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes through innovative medicines and solutions. They focus on therapeutic areas such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, vaccines, and rare diseases. Sanofi India Ltd is known for its research-driven approach, global expertise, and commitment to patient well-being.

Bosch Ltd

Bosch Ltd is a global technology and engineering company known for its diverse range of products and services. They operate in various sectors, including mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology. Bosch Ltd is recognized for its cutting-edge innovations, quality craftsmanship, and sustainable practices.

Page Industries Ltd

Page Industries Ltd is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium innerwear, leisurewear, and sportswear. They are the exclusive licensee of the Jockey brand in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and the United Arab Emirates. Page Industries Ltd is known for its commitment to comfort, quality, and style.

Abbott India Ltd

Abbott India Ltd is a trusted healthcare company that discovers, develops, and manufactures innovative healthcare products. They specialize in pharmaceuticals, nutrition, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Yamuna Syndicate Ltd

Yamuna Syndicate Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality stainless steel kitchenware and houseware products. They offer various products, including cookware, cutlery, serving utensils, and kitchen accessories. Yamuna Syndicate Ltd is known for the superior craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetic appeal of their products.

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd is a global leader in providing software solutions for the financial services industry. They offer a comprehensive suite of products and services, including banking solutions, risk management, data management, and compliance tools.

Nestle India Ltd

estle India Ltd is a leading food and beverage company known for its wide range of products that cater to various consumer needs. They offer favoured brands in categories such as dairy products, beverages, confectionery, culinary products, and infant nutrition.


MRF Ltd is a renowned tire manufacturing company that produces high-quality tires for various vehicles. They offer tires for cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and specialty applications. MRF Ltd is known for its technological advancements, tire performance, and commitment to safety.

Maharashtra Scooters Ltd

Maharashtra Scooters Ltd is a leading manufacturer of scooters in India. They produce a range of scooters known for their performance, style, and fuel efficiency. Maharashtra Scooters Ltd is known for its expertise in scooter manufacturing and its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What Blue Chip Stocks Pay The Highest Dividends?

Nestle India is paying the highest dividend per share among the Blue Chip Stocks.

2. Should I Buy Dividend Stocks?

This is a subjective thing, it depends on the type of investor you are. Dividend Stocks are considered to be reliable stocks and are a steady income source for investors.

3. What Is A Good Dividend Yield?

Looking into the technical aspects, a good dividend yield is considered to be in between 2% to 6%. But there are certain companies that offer more than 900 to 1000% of dividend yield.

4. How Many Times Dividends Are Paid In A Year?

Normally, dividends are paid either quarterly or annually. It depends on the company you have invested in. Some companies even pay monthly dividends.

5. Are Monthly Dividends Better Than Quarterly?

The majority of the companies pay their dividends quarterly, but there are exceptional companies that pay monthly dividends as well. From investors’ point of view, you have a slightly upper hand in monthly dividend payouts.

6. Is A Dividend Taxable?

It depends on your total taxable income. If you fall in the lower tax bracket that is exempted from paying income tax, then you may not pay. Anything higher than that bracket has to pay tax on dividends earned.

Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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