January 19, 2024

Top Education Stocks in India 2023

Top Education Stocks in India – 2024

Education StocksMarket CapClose Price
Niit Learning Systems Ltd5,875.73427.95
Veranda Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd1,989.08290.25
Aptech Ltd1,622.30276.55
NIIT Ltd1,579.04122.95
Shanti Educational Initiatives Ltd1,042.4764.1
S Chand and Company Ltd1,007.75275.75
Global Education Ltd648.28325.95
CL Educate Ltd550.49102.85
Career Point Ltd417.44261.8
Drone Destination Ltd373.49156.35

The table above displays the education stocks in India, ranked by market capitalization. Read on to explore a comprehensive analysis of the top education stocks in India, evaluated on multiple fundamental metrics.

Top Education Stocks in India-1Y Return

The table below displays the Top Education Stocks in India ranked by 1Y Return.

Education StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
BITS Ltd23.832.17985
G-Tec Jainx Education Ltd93.9987.65142.46
Career Point Ltd417.44261.8101.77
NIIT Ltd1,579.04122.9572.51
Jetking Infotrain Ltd39.3466.5370.37
Educomp Solutions Ltd47.15470.21
Global Education Ltd648.28325.9563.92
CL Educate Ltd550.49102.8559.33
Compucom Software Ltd251.2231.8558.85
S Chand and Company Ltd1,007.75275.7558.3

Education Stocks-1M Return

The table below displays the Education Stocks ranked by 1M Return.

Education StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Month Return
BITS Ltd23.832.1743.92
Zee Learn Ltd262.57.9523.02
Career Point Ltd417.44261.816.06
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd144.65111.414.63
Jetking Infotrain Ltd39.3466.5314.4
Tree House Education and Accessories Ltd95.8323.7514.39
S Chand and Company Ltd1,007.75275.7513.6
Usha Martin Education And Solutions Ltd15.856.113.21
MT Educare Ltd32.54.3512.5
CL Educate Ltd550.49102.8510.71

Best Education Stocks In India-Daily Volume

The table below displays the Best Education Stocks in India ranked by Daily Volume.

Education StocksMarket CapClose PriceHighest Volume
NIIT Ltd1,579.04122.9549,33,269.00
Zee Learn Ltd262.57.9510,60,210.00
Career Point Ltd417.44261.86,29,700.00
Aptech Ltd1,622.30276.554,29,191.00
CL Educate Ltd550.49102.852,26,447.00
Niit Learning Systems Ltd5,875.73427.951,86,992.00
Veranda Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd1,989.08290.251,66,577.00
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd144.65111.41,54,452.00
Global Education Ltd648.28325.951,43,499.00
S Chand and Company Ltd1,007.75275.751,27,608.00

Education Stocks List-PE Ratio

The table below displays the Education Stocks List ranked by PE Ratio.

Education StocksMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Walchand Peoplefirst Ltd53.318713
Career Point Ltd417.44261.818.68
Global Education Ltd648.28325.9520.81
Aptech Ltd1,622.30276.5522.97
CL Educate Ltd550.49102.8530.61
Compucom Software Ltd251.2231.8532.96
S Chand and Company Ltd1,007.75275.7533.05
Emergent Industrial Solutions Ltd45.699550.47
MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd144.65111.454.72
Ace Integrated Solutions Ltd41.9740.0583.69

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the best education stocks?

The best education stock to buy #1:BITS Ltd
The best education stock to buy #2:G-Tec Jainx Education Ltd
The best education stock to buy #3:Career Point Ltd
The best education stock to buy #4:NIIT Ltd
The best education stock to buy #5:Jetking Infotrain Ltd

The stocks are ranked based on 1 Year return.

2. Which Education Stocks in India gives highest return?

Education stocks in India with highest return #1: NIIT Ltd
Education stocks in India with highest return #2: Global Education Ltd
Education stocks in India with highest return #3: Aptech Ltd
Education stocks in India with highest return #4: VJTF Eduservices Ltd
Education stocks in India with highest return #5: Emergent Industrial Solutions Ltd

These stocks are listed based on 5 year ROI.

3. Is it good to invest in Education Stocks in India?

Investing in education stocks in India can be a good option for long-term investors. The government’s focus on education through various policies and initiatives, such as the National Education Policies, can drive growth in the industry.

Introduction to Top Education Stocks in India

Education Stocks In India – 1 Year Return


Bits Limited, based in India, offers education across various fields including art, science, software, business management, and engineering. They provide training in classroom settings and other modes, along with software-related activities and rental services.

G-Tec Jainx Education Ltd

G-Tec Jainx Education Limited, formerly Keerti Knowledge and Skills Limited, is an Indian IT education company. It operates subsidiaries, Keerti Institute India Private Limited (KIIPL) for IT professional training and Keerti Tutorials India Private Limited (KTIPL) for academic coaching, including preparation for science entrance exams like MHT-CET.

Career Point Ltd

Career Point Limited, an Indian education company, offers a wide range of education services from pre-school to higher education. They employ various methods including technology-driven solutions and online courses. The company operates in three divisions: Education & Related Activities, Financing, and Infrastructure.

Education Stocks – 1 Month Return

Zee Learn Ltd

Zee Learn Limited offers educational support and coaching services through segments like Educational Services, Construction and Leasing for education, and Training and Manpower services. They provide learning solutions through various products, including Kidzee, Mount Litera Zee Schools, and online education and testing.

MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd

MITCON Consultancy & Engineering Services Ltd, an Indian technical consulting organization, provides comprehensive solutions for technical, marketing, and financial business needs. With expertise in environmental management, renewable energy systems, and skill development programs, it caters to diverse business verticals through extensive consulting assignments.

Jetking Infotrain Ltd

Jetking Infotrain Limited specializes in IT training, offering courses in hardware, networking, and digital domains. Operating through training centers and franchises in India, Nepal, and South-east Asia, the company provides short, certificate, and career courses, including those focused on blockchain development, cloud computing, and cyber security. Jetking has operations in various Indian cities.

Best Education Stocks In India – PE Ratio

Aptech Ltd

Aptech Limited, an India-based vocational training company, operates in diverse sectors including IT, media, retail, aviation, beauty, wellness, banking, and finance. It provides career and professional training through brands like Arena Animation, Maya Academy, Lakme Academy, Aptech Learning, and more. The Enterprise Business Group offers training solutions and assessment services for corporates and institutions, including online training through ProAlley.

CL Educate Ltd

CL Educate Limited, an India-based company, focuses on education and test preparation training programs. Its EdTech segment includes Test Preparation, Platform Monetization, and Content Monetization. The MarTech segment, under the brand Kestone, provides services to corporates such as experiential marketing, digital services, customized engagement programs, and strategic business solutions. The company’s offerings encompass integrated solutions, student recruitment, and research services.

Compucom Software Ltd

Compucom Software Limited (CSL), an India-based company, operates in software development, wind power generation, and learning solutions. It engages in e-governance projects, ICT education, software design, and electronic media. The learning solutions include IT and media training, skilling, and placement activities, with learning management systems designed to identify training gaps. CSL has a global presence across six continents.

Education Stocks List – Daily Volume


NIIT Limited, an India-based IT services company, focuses on skills and talent development solutions for individuals, enterprises, and institutions. The company provides managed training services, including curriculum design, content development, learning delivery, technology, and advisory services. NIIT offers specialized solutions like customer education, gamification, augmented and virtual reality, content curation, and talent pipeline services.

Veranda Learning Solutions Pvt Ltd

Veranda Learning Solutions Ltd delivers diverse learning methods—online, offline, and hybrid—to students, professionals, and corporate clients. Offering competitive exam prep, professional courses, and customized upskilling programs, it operates through various subsidiaries, catering to multiple educational needs.

Global Education Ltd

Global Education Limited, an Indian educational consultancy, focuses on training, infrastructure, publication, and digital services. Its offerings span exam facilitation, facility management, skill training, marketing, and the provision of educational materials and technology for institutions.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change concerning time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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