Best Jewellary Stocks in India

August 23, 2023

Best Jewellary Stocks in India

Jewellery Stocks ListMarket CapClose Price
Titan Company Ltd2,64,027.602,974.00
Rajesh Exports Ltd16,661.52564.30
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd13,174.38127.90
Ethos Ltd3,146.421,347.55
Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd2,123.451,547.75
KDDL Ltd1,688.121,346.50
Timex Group India Ltd1,659.62164.40
Goldiam International Ltd1,421.03130.40
PC Jeweller Ltd1,270.5527.30
Asian Star Co Ltd1,168.50730.00

The table above represents the jewellary stocks based on market cap. Read the complete blog to find out the best jewellary stocks in India analyzed fundamentally on various parameters.


Jewellery Stocks in India – 1Y Return

The below table shows the Jewellery Stocks in India in India based on the 1Y Return.

Jewellery Stocks ListMarket CapClose Price1Y Return
Sky Gold Ltd307.49283.80191.08
Patdiam Jewellery Ltd104.69254.00190.95
Timex Group India Ltd1,659.62164.40180.79
Foce India Ltd361.10738.00166.38
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd13,174.38127.90129.01
KDDL Ltd1,688.121,346.50117.58
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd193.8177.5385.04
Ethos Ltd3,146.421,347.5577.47
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd576.8986.4566.25
Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd2,123.451,547.7565.30

Gold Stocks in India – 1M Return

The below table shows the Gold Stocks in India based on the 1M Return.

Jewellery Stocks ListMarket CapClose Price1M Return
Foce India Ltd361.10738.0044.14
Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd2,123.451,547.7536.41
KDDL Ltd1,688.121,346.5027.20
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd576.8986.4524.84
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd13,174.38127.9022.04
Timex Group India Ltd1,659.62164.4014.25
PC Jeweller Ltd1,270.5527.3013.51
Renaissance Global Ltd918.0197.2511.59
Ethos Ltd3,146.421,347.5510.22
Titan Company Ltd2,64,027.602,974.0010.08

Top Jewellary Stocks in India – Highest Volume

The below table shows the Top Jewellary Stocks in India based on the Highest Daily Volume.

Jewellery Stocks ListMarket CapClose PriceDaily Volume
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd13,174.38127.9082,57,809.00
Rajesh Exports Ltd16,661.52564.3032,66,502.00
Radhika Jeweltech Ltd454.3038.5011,17,482.00
PC Jeweller Ltd1,270.5527.3010,79,279.00
Titan Company Ltd2,64,027.602,974.006,60,322.00
Goldiam International Ltd1,421.03130.405,96,682.00
Renaissance Global Ltd918.0197.252,15,660.00
Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd576.8986.452,08,610.00
Ethos Ltd3,146.421,347.5569,206.00
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd193.8177.5352,657.00

Gold Mining Stocks in India – PE Ratio

The below table shows the Gold Mining Stocks in India based on the PE Ratio.

Jewellery Stocks ListMarket CapClose PricePE Ratio
Parshva Enterprises Ltd184.92184.00836.72
Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd193.8177.53108.46
Titan Company Ltd2,64,027.602,974.0079.17
Ethos Ltd3,146.421,347.5552.68
Timex Group India Ltd1,659.62164.4035.68
Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd13,174.38127.9033.70
Narbada Gems and Jewellery Ltd118.3155.9233.30
Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd2,123.451,547.7530.89
KDDL Ltd1,688.121,346.5024.32
Sonam Clock Ltd226.5102.8523.84

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Introduction to Top Jewellary Stocks in India

Jewellery Stocks in India – 1Y Return

Sky Gold Ltd

Sky Gold Limited is an esteemed Indian company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of gold jewelry. With a primary focus on 22 Karat gold, the company offers a wide selection of designs to cater to the varied preferences of customers. Their jewelry collection features intricate craftsmanship and incorporates studded American diamonds and colored stones. From special occasions like weddings to everyday wear, Sky Gold provides a diverse range of gold, studded, and other jewelry products across different price ranges. The company operates its own manufacturing unit in Mulund, Mumbai, ensuring the quality and precision of their jewelry casting process.

Patdiam Jewellery Ltd

Patdiam Jewellery Limited, an India-based company, specializes in the manufacturing of diamond jewelry. With a strong focus on diamond craftsmanship, the company creates exquisite pieces of jewelry that cater to the discerning tastes of customers. Through their expertise and attention to detail, Patdiam Jewellery Limited delivers high-quality diamond jewelry that showcases the timeless beauty and elegance of diamonds. As a dedicated player in the industry, the company is committed to offering exceptional diamond jewelry that reflects exquisite craftsmanship and enduring value.

Timex Group India Ltd

Timex Group India Limited is a prominent Indian company known for its manufacturing and trading of watches, as well as providing after-sales services. With a diverse portfolio of brands including Timex, Helix, and TMX, the company offers a wide range of watches catering to various customer preferences. Additionally, Timex Group India Limited provides information and technology support services to its group companies. With its manufacturing facility in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh, the company operates as a subsidiary of Timex Group Luxury Watches B.V., further expanding its presence in the watch industry.

Gold Stocks in India – 1M Return

Foce India Ltd

Foce India Limited is an Indian company that specializes in the manufacturing and importation of wristwatches. With a focus on supply, distribution, and retailing, the company offers a wide range of wristwatches including analog, digital, chronograph, and designer styles. Operating under the brand name FOCE, the company provides ready-to-sell wristwatches and other products. Additionally, Force India Limited offers a digital platform through its e-commerce portal, providing access to a variety of luxury watches. Their product categories include 3 hand, analog watch, chronograph watch, designer, digital watch, dual time, and multifunction watches.

Thanga Mayil Jewellery Ltd

A chain of retail jewellery stores, is run by Thangamayil Jewellery Limited. These stores are located in many districts of Tamil Nadu, which is the state in India that accounts for the highest portion (40%) of India’s total gold consumption.

The company’s primary focus is on the trading of four product lines, namely gold, silver, diamonds, and platinum; nevertheless, the selling of gold accounts for the vast majority of the company’s revenue.

TMJL has also built four manufacturing facilities that use in-house goldsmiths to produce designer jewellery that is in vogue with the current trends in the market. These manufacturing units are responsible for TMJL’s expansion into the designer jewellery industry.


KDDL Ltd, also known as KDDL (Kamla Dials and Devices Ltd), is an Indian company operating in the precision engineering and manufacturing sector. The company specializes in the production of high-precision watch components, precision engineering solutions, and the assembly of watch movements. KDDL Ltd has a strong presence in both the domestic and international markets, serving renowned watch brands worldwide.

Top Jewellary Stocks in India – Highest Volume

Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd

Kalyan Jewellers India Ltd. is in the business of designing, manufacturing, and retailing a wide variety of gold, studded, and other types of jewellery at a variety of pricing points. According to its income as of the fiscal year 2020, it is one of the leading jewellery merchants in India. Mr. T.S. Kalyanaraman, who serves as the company’s current Chairman, Managing Director, and Promoter, is the founder of the company.

Rajesh Exports Ltd

Rajesh Exports Limited is a prominent Indian company specializing in gold refining and the manufacturing of various gold products. With a global presence, the company exports its products to numerous countries while also operating wholesale and retail channels within India. Renowned for its brand, SHUBH Jewellers, the company showcases its products through retail showrooms. With manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore, Cochin, and Dubai, Rajesh Exports has a substantial combined capacity to produce approximately 400 tons of gold jewelry and products annually. Additionally, the company’s subsidiary, REL Singapore Pte Ltd, contributes to its operations.

Radhika Jeweltech Ltd

Radhika Jeweltech was established in 2016, and its primary line of business is the wholesale distribution of gold and diamond jewellery as well as decorations.

Gold Mining Stocks in India – PE Ratio

Parshva Enterprises Ltd

Parshva Enterprises Limited, an India-based company, is a prominent wholesale supplier and trader of precious stones, specializing in cut and polished diamonds. The company offers a wide range of diamond products, including white loose diamonds, certified diamonds from esteemed institutions like GIA and IGI, fancy cut diamonds, and fancy color diamonds. Additionally, Parshva Enterprises deals in jewelry items such as bangles, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and bracelets. The company also engages in real estate investments, primarily focusing on residential and commercial properties in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Gujarat, with the objective of generating trading gains.

Ashapuri Gold Ornament Ltd

Ashapuri Gold Ornament Limited, an India-based company, specializes in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of gold jewelry. The company offers a wide range of gold jewelry designs, which are developed in-house or in collaboration with third-party designers. The manufacturing process is carried out on a job work basis, primarily in Ahmedabad and Rajkot. Ashapuri Gold Ornament Limited also caters to the demand for antique jewelry, providing customers with a diverse selection of timeless pieces.

Titan Company Ltd

Titan Company Ltd. is regarded as one of the most reputable lifestyle companies in India. It has built leading positions in the areas of watches, jewellery, and eyewear, led by the trusted brands it carries and a customer experience that is distinct from those of its competitors. In 1984, the TATA Group and the Tamilnadu Industrial Development Corporation collaborated to form the company and make it their joint venture (TIDCO).

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time.

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