Sensex Companies List

March 17, 2023

Sensex Companies List – Should you Invest?

The below table shows the top 10 stocks in Sensex based on the highest market capitalization.

Sl No. Stock Name Sub-Sector Weightage in Sensex (%) Market Cap (₹ Crores) Closing Price (₹)
1 RELIANCE IND. ENERGY 12.6 17,48,028.3 2,585.10
2 TCS SOFTWARE 5.1 12,49,544.1 3,330.00
3 HDFC BANK BANKING 9.5 8,84,584.8 1,606.10
4 INFOSYS SOFTWARE 8.5 6,74,718.7 1,584.00
5 ICICI BANK BANKING 9.2 6,28,995.5 911.1
6 HUL FMCG 3.2 5,83,453.6 2,483.30
7 SBI BANKING 3.3 5,36,815.4 601.5
8 HDFC FIN. INSTITUTIONS 6.9 4,75,314.7 2,640.40
9 BHARTI AIRTEL TELECOM 2.9 4,56,630.2 837
10 ITC FMCG 6.1 4,18,866.1 340.4

You’ve probably heard the term Sensex Index at least once in your life. But what is Sensex? How does it function? Why do individuals use the term “Sensex” to refer to the stock market?

Let’s Find Out!


What is Sensex?

The full form of Sensex is the Sensitive Index; it is the benchmark index of BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Sensex was established in the markets as S&P BSE Sensex in the year 1986 and is considered to be the oldest Index in India. 

Sensex tracks the top 30 listed companies on BSE that are very large and most actively traded companies out of more than 5700 companies. These Sensex 30 companies are from different industrial sectors that indicate the Indian Economic Trends and Stock Market as a whole.

Sensex Index is internationally traded on Eurex and various leading exchanges of Brazil, Russia, China, and South Africa.

Learn more about what is Sensex. 

Sensex 30 Companies

The below data mentions the BSE Sensex Stocks along with the Sensex 30 companies’ weightage. 

Sl No.Stock NameSub-SectorWeightage in Sensex (%)Market Cap (₹ Crores)Closing Price (₹)
1RELIANCE IND.ENERGY12.617,48,028.32,585.10
3HDFC BANKBANKING9.58,84,584.81,606.10
5ICICI BANKBANKING9.26,28,995.5911.1
8HDFCFIN. INSTITUTIONS6.94,75,314.72,640.40
11BAJAJ FINANCEFINANCE2.64,09,096.56,789.00
12KOTAK MAHINDRA BANKBANKING4.23,87,876.81,958.50
13HCL TECHNOLOGIESSOFTWARE1.72,98,503.21,100.00
14ASIAN PAINTSPAINTS22,97,351.33,100.00
16MARUTI SUZUKIAUTO1.72,67,945.08,870.00
17AXIS BANKBANKING3.32,64,189.1863
18SUN PHARMAPHARMA1.62,41,948.91,008.40
19TITANCONSUMER DURABLES1.52,25,497.72,540.00
21ULTRATECH CEMENTCEMENT1.11,96,558.86,809.90
22NESTLEFOOD BEVERAGES11,91,433.919,855.10
25POWER GRIDPOWER0.81,12,793.1215.6
26TECH MAHINDRASOFTWARE11,02,469.51,059.20
28DR. REDDY’S LABPHARMA0.872,6724,370.00
29BAJAJ FINSERVFINANCE0.126,2901,652.00
30TATA STEELSTEEL0.113,089108.7

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Top 10 Sensex 30 Stocks – A Brief Note

To provide you with a better knowledge of the BSE-listed companies on the Sensex Index, we have included a brief introduction to the top ten that made it through the Sensex companies list.


Reliance is a household name in India. Keeping aside the newborn, almost every Indian is aware of Reliance. It is an Indian multinational conglomerate established in 1960. They are present almost in every domain, be it energy, petroleum, textiles, natural resources, telecommunications, retail, and whatnot. 

It is one of the most profitable companies in India. Reliance ranks 96 in the Fortune Global 500 world’s biggest organizations.


Pick up any IT background Engineering student; TCS is one of the top companies they aspire to work for. An Indian Multinational IT company that the TATA group owns. TCS is also the second-largest Indian company in terms of Market Capitalization.

It was incorporated in 1968 and has grown stronger since then. One of the largest IT sector companies.

HDFC Bank Ltd

HDFC Bank is one of India’s leading and biggest private sector banks; it was also the first to get RBI’s approval for a private sector bank in 1994. With over 5608 branches and 16087 ATMs in 2902 Cities, it has a vast network.

HDFC is a Large-Cap banking stock in India and one of the largest in terms of market capitalization.


Infosys Ltd was incorporated in 1981 and is now a global IT services and consulting company. They have started their journey from a capital of $250 to now a $79.7 Billion company.

Infosys is one of the top IT companies to work in. Infosys comes just after TCS in terms of revenue figures. It is a Large-Cap IT sector stock that gives a pretty decent dividend per share to the investor.


ICICI Bank is one of the biggest private banks in India. Its total assets were valued at Rs.14.76 trillion in 2020. Its network is so strong that it has 5288 branches with 15,158 ATMs across the country.


In the fast-moving consumer goods industry, Hindustan Unilever principally operates in the Home Care, Beauty & Personal Care, and Foods & Refreshment areas, respectively. The majority of the company’s revenue comes from sales within India, despite the fact that it has manufacturing plants all throughout the nation.


One of the Fortune 500 companies is the State Bank of India. It is a public sector banking and financial services statutory entity with its headquarters in Mumbai, and it is an Indian multinational corporation. It has a history dating back more than 200 years and is the largest and oldest bank in India.


Founded in 1977, Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd or HDFC is the first specialized mortgage and finance company in India and is the flagship company of the HDFC group.

HDFC is a significant player in providing housing finance in India with its presence in banking, insurance, asset management, venture capital, and many more. 


Bharti Airtel Ltd. is one of the most successful providers of telecommunication services in the world. The company has a presence in 18 countries, including 14 countries in Africa and India, and Sri Lanka.


ITC was founded in 1910 and has since grown to become the most successful cigarette manufacturer and retailer in the country. At the moment, ITC conducts its operations within the following five business categories: FMCG Cigarettes, FMCG Others, Hotels, Paperboards, Paper and Packaging, and Agri-Business.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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