Benefits of Sovereign Gold Bond

Benefits Of Sovereign Gold Bond

The benefit of Sovereign Gold Bond is its fixed interest rate, ensuring investors a stable income alongside the opportunity for capital appreciation. This combination makes it an attractive option for those seeking regular returns and potential growth in their gold investments.


What Is Gold Sovereign Bond?

The sovereign gold bond is like a government-backed paper or digital way for people to own gold without having the physical metal. It’s a choice for those who want to earn interest while keeping up with the gold market value rather than holding actual gold.

Benefits Of Sovereign Gold Bond

The main benefit of Sovereign Gold Bond is its capital gains tax exemption upon maturity. Investors can enjoy the appreciation in gold prices without paying additional taxes, making it a tax-efficient choice for those looking to maximize investment returns.

1. Safety and Security

Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) are issued by the Central Bank of India, ensuring investors’ highest level of safety and security. There is virtually no risk of default, making them a reliable investment choice.

2. Tax Benefits

Investors in SGBs enjoy tax benefits such as exemption from capital gains tax if held until maturity, providing an advantage over physical gold investments.

3. Liquidity

Unlike physical gold, SGBs can be easily traded on stock exchanges, ensuring liquidity for investors who may need to sell their holdings before the maturity date.

4. Interest Income

SGBs offer a fixed annual interest rate, which serves as a source of regular income and the potential for capital appreciation through changes in the gold price.

5. Capital Appreciation

The value of SGBs is linked to the prevailing market price of gold. Investors may benefit from capital appreciation as the gold price rises, potentially increasing their returns.

6. No Making Charges

Unlike physical gold, where making charges can significantly inflate costs, SGBs eliminate these charges, allowing investors to acquire gold at a more competitive price.

7. Tradability

SGBs can be easily transferred, gifted, or used as collateral for loans, allowing investors to manage their investments.

8. Hedge Against Inflation

Gold historically serves as a hedge against inflation. Investing in SGBs can help preserve the purchasing power of your wealth during times of rising prices.

9. No Storage Hassles 

SGBs are held in electronic form, eliminating the need for secure storage arrangements and associated costs and enhancing convenience for investors.

10. Sovereign Guarantee

SGBs come with the assurance of a sovereign guarantee as they are issued by the government, instilling confidence in investors regarding the safety of their investment.

How To Buy a Sovereign Gold Bond Online?

The RBI usually releases sovereign gold bonds in two parts every year. You can buy them online or offline. You can also purchase issued SGBs from recognized stock exchanges.

Follow the below steps to buy SGBs via Alice Blue:

Step 1: Log in to your Alice Blue Mutual Fund account.

Step 2: Go to the homepage and click on the SGB section.

Step 3: Find the SGB you want to invest in by searching for it.

Step 4: Once you’ve found it, click “Buy.”

Step 5: Your order will be successfully added to your “Cart & Placed.”

Step 6: Before confirming your order, ensure you have enough money in your Ledger account (the amount will be held from your Trading account).

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Sovereign Gold Bond Benefits – Quick Summary

  • Benefits Of Sovereign Gold Bonds include safety, interest income, capital gains exemption, and no storage hassles.
  • A Gold Sovereign Bond is a government-backed financial instrument that enables investors to buy gold in paper form.
  • The main benefit of Sovereign Gold Bond is it provides tax efficiency by exempting investors from capital gains tax upon maturity, enabling them to maximize returns from gold price appreciation.
  • SGBs are stored electronically, eliminating the necessity for secure storage and reducing costs, making it more convenient for investors.
  • To invest in an SGB through your Alice Blue Mutual Fund account, log into your Alice Blue Mutual Fund account, visit the SGB section, search for the desired SGB, click “Buy,” and verify the funds in your Ledger account before confirming the order.
  • If you haven’t set up a mutual fund account yet, you can open a free demat account with Alice Blue in just 15 minutes and then easily purchase Sovereign Gold Bonds.

Advantages Of Sovereign Gold Bond – FAQs  

1. What Are The Benefits Of Sovereign Gold Bonds?

 The Benefits Of Sovereign Gold Bonds offer earning interest, capital appreciation, and no storage costs. They also provide a secure and transparent way to invest in gold.

2. Is It Good To Invest In Sovereign Gold Bonds?

  Investing in Sovereign Gold Bonds can be a good option for those looking to invest in gold without physical possession. It offers interest income and potential capital gains.

3. Is SGB better than buying gold?

   SGB can be better than buying physical gold as it offers interest and eliminates storage concerns. However, the choice depends on individual preferences and financial goals.

4. What happens to SGB after eight years?

   After eight years, investors can exit the bond on interest payment dates. They can also hold the bond until maturity, 12 years from the issue date.

5. Is SGB taxable after 5 years?

   Yes, the interest earned on Sovereign Gold Bonds is taxable as per the income tax laws. It is added to the investor’s income and taxed accordingly.

6. Can I buy SGB every month?

   No, Sovereign Gold Bonds are issued in specific tranches by the government. Investors can purchase them during the designated subscription periods, which are not necessarily monthly.

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