Carbon Stocks In India

May 3, 2023

Carbon Stocks In India

Stock NameMarket CapStock Price
Goa Carbon374.00407.60
Rain Industries5,013.00149.25

The table above showcases the carbon stocks in India.  In this comprehensive analysis, we explore the top carbon stocks in India, evaluated on multiple fundamental metrics. 

The carbon stock market in India is relatively new, but it is growing rapidly as more investors seek to support environmentally responsible companies. These stocks offer an opportunity to invest in companies that are committed to sustainability and innovation, and that are poised to benefit from global efforts to address climate change. By examining metrics such as revenue growth, profitability, and sustainability practices, we can gain a deeper understanding of the carbon stock market in India and make informed investment decisions.

The table below displays the Carbon Related Stocks in India ranked by Highest Dividend Per Share.

Stock NameMarket CapStock PriceDividend Per Share
Goa Carbon374.00407.602.45
Rain Industries5,013.00149.250.67

Carbon Stocks

The table below displays the Carbon Stocks ranked by Highest Daily Volume.

Stock NameMarket CapStock PriceDaily Volume
Goa Carbon374.00407.6027,003.00
Rain Industries5,013.00149.251423214

Carbon Stocks In India

The table below displays the Carbon Stocks In India ranked by Highest Earnings Per Share.

Stock NameMarket CapStock PriceEPS
Goa Carbon374.00407.6099.07
Rain Industries5,013.00149.2542.77
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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are Carbon Stocks In India?

Carbon trading is known as buying and selling credits that allow a business or other entity for an allowance to emit a specific amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. 

Governments have approved the carbon trade and credits to gradually reduce overall carbon emissions and lessen their impact on climate change.

2. What are the best Carbon Stocks In India?

The best carbon stocks in India #1: Goa Carbon.

The best carbon stocks in India #2: PBCL.

The best carbon stocks in India #3: Rain Industries.

The best carbon stocks in India #4: Murablack India.

3. Is it good to invest in Carbon Stocks In India?

Carbon credits are a good investment if you want to lower your carbon footprint and help the environment. Carbon credits are financial instruments that allow companies to offset their emissions by buying carbon offsets. The more emissions you produce, the higher the price of your carbon offset will be.

Introduction to Carbon Stocks

Goa Carbon

Goa Carbon is a leading manufacturer of calcined petroleum coke (CPC), which is used in the production of aluminum and steel. The company has three plants in Goa, Gujarat, and Himachal Pradesh, with a combined production capacity of 225,000 tons per year. Goa Carbon exports its products to over 20 countries and has established a reputation for quality and reliability. The company has also diversified into the production of specialty carbon products and is committed to sustainable and responsible business practices.


PBCL, or Punjab Chemicals and Crop Protection Limited, is a leading producer of agrochemicals and specialty chemicals in India. The company’s product portfolio includes insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other crop protection products, as well as specialty chemicals used in pharmaceuticals, textiles, and other industries. PBCL has a strong presence in the domestic market and exports to over 60 countries. The company is committed to sustainability and innovation, with a focus on developing environmentally friendly products and reducing waste and emissions.

Rain Industries

Rain Industries is a global leader in the production of carbon products, including calcined petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, and other specialty products. The company has operations in India, the United States, Europe, and China and supplies its products to customers in a wide range of industries, including aluminum, steel, cement, and chemicals. Rain Industries has a strong focus on sustainability and innovation, with a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and developing new products and technologies that can help address global challenges such as climate change. The company is also committed to corporate social responsibility and supports a range of community development initiatives.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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