NBFC Stocks

NBFC Stocks – Best NBFC Stocks in India

The table below shows NBFC Stocks based on the highest market capitalization.

NameMarket CapClose Price
Bajaj Finance Ltd454625.007221.00
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd97834.071126.40
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95530.7876.90
Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd79445.767347.80
Shriram Finance Ltd76450.871994.80
Muthoot Finance Ltd53227.311339.35
Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd33985.71273.80
Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd29473.26371.15
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd18321.411217.00
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd16481.163908.90

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Top NBFC Stocks In India

The table below shows the Top NBFC Stocks In India based on 1 Year return.

NameMarket CapClose Price1Y Return
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95530.7876.90175.63
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd5801.4362.65103.13
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd18321.411217.0078.00
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd16481.163908.9065.41
Ugro Capital Ltd2586.77276.6565.11
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd97834.071126.4061.49
Pnb Gilts Ltd1792.0098.8060.78
Shriram Finance Ltd76450.871994.8056.38
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd627.78192.0047.64
Sindhu Trade Links Ltd3708.3426.1041.08

NBFC Stock List

The table below shows the NBFC Stock List based on 1 month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd1217.0019.39
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd3908.9017.95
Pnb Gilts Ltd98.8011.51
Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd192.009.46
Manappuram Finance Ltd154.958.28
Bajaj Holdings and Investment Ltd7347.807.42
Muthoot Finance Ltd1339.357.00
Sindhu Trade Links Ltd26.106.31
Paisalo Digital Ltd80.105.67
Shriram Finance Ltd1994.805.63

Best NBFC Stocks For Long-term

The table below shows the Best NBFC Stocks For the long term based on the highest day volume.

NameMarket CapDaily Volume
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95530.78116818430.00
Manappuram Finance Ltd13585.2816866674.00
Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd29473.267191215.00
Paisalo Digital Ltd3690.964563819.00
Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd5801.434512725.00
Tata Investment Corporation Ltd16481.162480736.00
Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd33985.712236153.00
Bajaj Finance Ltd454625.002080034.00
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Ltd97834.072028903.00
Pnb Gilts Ltd1792.001678172.00

NBFC Stocks

The table below shows NBFC Stocks based on the PE Ratio.

NameMarket CapPE Ratio
Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd29473.2620.79
Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd95530.7815.74
Muthoot Finance Ltd53227.3113.04
Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd18321.4112.62
IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd2349.4112.14
Shriram Finance Ltd76450.8711.61
Manappuram Finance Ltd13585.287.31
Muthoot Capital Services Ltd657.904.48

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NBFC Stocks – FAQs  

1. Which NBFC share is best?

Best NBFC share #1: Indian Railway Finance Corp Ltd

Best NBFC share #2: Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd

Best NBFC share #3: Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

Best NBFC share #4: Tata Investment Corporation Ltd

Best NBFC share #5: Ugro Capital Ltd

The above list contains the Best NBFC shares based on 1-year return.

2. What are NBFC stocks?

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are pivotal in the financial ecosystem, providing diverse financial services and products to individuals and businesses, encompassing consumer loans, commercial lending, and investment offerings. They hold a distinct position in the financial sector.

3. How many companies are listed in NBFC?

Around 270+ Stocks have been listed under NBFC

4. Which is the fastest-growing NBFC?

Fastest-growing NBFC #1: Motilal Oswal Financial Services Ltd

Fastest-growing NBFC #2: Tata Investment Corporation Ltd

Fastest-growing NBFC #3: Pnb Gilts Ltd

Fastest-growing NBFC #4: Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd

Fastest-growing NBFC #5: Manappuram Finance Ltd

Fastest growing NBFC stocks based on 1 month return.

5. Are NBFC safe to invest in?

Investing in NBFC stocks carries risk. Evaluate financial health, regulatory compliance, business model, economic conditions, credit ratings, and market reputation before considering them for investment. Diversify for stability.

6. Is it good to invest in NBFC stocks?

NBFC stocks offer high potential returns due to their operations in lucrative sectors. Well-managed NBFCs, with strong risk management, can yield attractive returns. Additionally, including NBFC stocks in your portfolio enhances diversification, spreading risk and potentially boosting overall performance.

Introduction to NBFC Stocks

NBFC Stocks – highest market capitalization


Bajaj Finance Ltd., an Indian NBFC, specializes in lending and deposit services with a diverse portfolio spanning retail, SMEs, and commercial clients in urban and rural India. Product categories include consumer finance, personal loans, deposits, rural lending, and commercial lending.


Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, an Indian equipment financing firm, provides vehicle finance, home loans, SME loans, and various financial services. Segments include Vehicle Finance, Loan against Property, Home Loans, and Other Loans. Subsidiaries include Cholamandalam Securities Limited and Cholamandalam Home Finance Limited.


Indian Railway Finance Corporation (IRFC) was founded in December 1986 as the dedicated funding arm of Indian Railways, raising funds domestically and internationally to meet financial requirements.

Top NBFC Stocks In India – 1 Year return


Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, an Indian diversified financial services company, caters to corporations, institutions, and individuals. Its segments include Agency, Capital, Insurance, Asset Reconstruction, and Treasury businesses, providing a broad spectrum of financial products and services. The company also offers asset management services, including mutual funds and alternative asset advisors. The 1-year return is 175.63%.


Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited, an Indian integrated technology-based financial services company, provides retail and institutional broking, financial product distribution, and a diverse range of financial products and services. The 1-year return is 103.13%.


Tata Investment Corporation Limited, an Indian NBFC, primarily engages in long-term investments like equity shares and securities, spanning various sectors. The company’s income sources include dividends, interest, and gains from investment sales. The 1-year return is 78.00%.

NBFC Stock List – 1 month Return

Pnb Gilts Ltd

PNB Gilts Limited, an Indian NBFC, primarily supports the government borrowing program by underwriting government securities and trading various fixed-income instruments. It also provides custodian services and debt solutions. The 1-month return is 11.51%.

Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd

Consolidated Finvest & Holdings Ltd, an Indian NBFC, primarily focuses on lending and investing in group companies. Its main business includes investments in shares, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and providing loans. The 1-month return is 9.46%.

Manappuram Finance Ltd

Manappuram Finance Limited, an Indian NBFC, focuses on providing credit services to lower socio-economic classes in rural and semi-urban areas. Its segments include Gold loan, Micro Finance, and others, offering diverse retail credit products and financial services. The 1-month return is 8.28%.

Best NBFC Stocks For Long-term – Highest Day Volume

Poonawalla Fincorp Ltd

Poonawalla Fincorp Limited, an Indian NBFC, primarily focuses on financing services, offering a diverse range including pre-owned car finance, personal loans, business loans, and loans to professionals. The company has a wide presence across approximately 21 states.

Paisalo Digital Ltd

Paisalo Digital Limited, a non-deposit-taking NBFC, caters to self-help groups and women in economically weaker sections. It operates through Small Finance and Corporate Loan Divisions, focusing on rural and semi-urban areas.

Mahindra and Mahindra Financial Services Ltd

Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Limited, a non-banking financial company (NBFC), focuses on asset finance, offering loans for automobiles, tractors, commercial vehicles, SMEs, and housing. It also provides insurance broking, asset management, and trusteeship services.

NBFC Stocks – PE Ratio

Muthoot Finance Ltd

Muthoot Finance Limited, an Indian gold financing company, is a non-deposit-taking NBFC primarily engaged in financing. It provides secured personal and business loans against gold jewelry, offering various gold loan schemes and additional services such as money transfer, microfinance, and insurance. The PE ratio is 13.04.

IndoStar Capital Finance Ltd

IndoStar Capital Finance Limited, an Indian NBFC, engages in lending and allied activities across four segments: Large Corporate, SME, Commercial Vehicle, and Housing Finance. It offers loans to corporates, SMEs, and individuals for housing and vehicle financing. Subsidiaries include IndoStar Asset Advisory Private Limited and IndoStar Home Finance Private Limited. The PE ratio is 12.14.

Shriram Finance Ltd

Shriram Finance Limited, an Indian retail NBFC, focuses on financing commercial and passenger vehicles, construction and farm equipment, two-wheelers, micro, small, and medium enterprises, gold, and personal loans. The PE ratio is 11.61.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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