February 17, 2024

Best IT Sector Stocks

Best IT Sector Stocks – Can Tech Stocks Make You Rich?

The below table shows the best IT sector stocks in India based on the highest market capitalization.

IT StocksMarket CapClose Price
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd14,93,655.074,128.30
Infosys Ltd7,04,309.491,701.65
HCL Technologies Ltd4,51,538.501,667.45
Wipro Ltd2,83,373.90543
LTIMindtree Ltd1,65,269.785,580.40
Bharat Electronics Ltd1,37,643.14188.3
Tech Mahindra Ltd1,27,180.691,302.55
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd68,598.627,917.50
Persistent Systems Ltd67,317.388,869.55
L&T Technology Services Ltd57,768.405,462.70

The world was going digital at a fast pace. Then it got hit by a pandemic that brought almost everything to be on digital platforms at once, from classrooms, workplaces, entertainment to modern-day relationships. For these services to stay uninterrupted, IT sector companies are working continuously.

We have carefully curated the lists of the best IT sector stocks to save you from extensive research and data collection.

This article will help you understand the rankings of IT sector companies on various scales. So, let’s take you to the topic straight away.


Best IT Stocks in India – 1Y Return

The below tabular form is the list of best IT stocks in India based on 1Y Return.

IT StocksMarket CapClose Price1 Year Return
Avance Technologies Ltd261.611.323,373.68
Archana Software Ltd37.55112.213,210.03
Network People Services Technologies Ltd2,733.431,410.001,464.06
Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Ltd32.4728.53620.45
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd5,240.332,130.20487.88
Danlaw Technologies India Ltd975.112,002.00482.19
Shilchar Technologies Ltd3,251.384,263.10479.66
R S Software (India) Ltd347.71135.25442.08
Magellanic Cloud Ltd7,250.59620.35438.2
Vintron Informatics Ltd232.0129.61396.81

Avance Technologies Ltd

Avance Technologies Limited, an Indian IT company, specializes in software and hardware resale, offering diverse services from digital media planning to AI, blockchain, and IoT. Their spectrum includes PPC advertising, content marketing, social media management, and text-based customer interactions via short code service.

Archana Software Ltd

This company specializes in providing offshore technology services, meeting global businesses’ needs for cost efficiency and customized solutions. With India as a leading destination for IT, ITES, BPO, and R&D services, they aim to adapt their organization for growth while emphasizing technology at the core of their IT Services business.

Network People Services Technologies Ltd

Network People Services Technologies Limited, an Indian company, offers custom computer programming services. They specialize in digital payment solutions for banks, financial institutions, and merchants, serving as a Fintech partner. Their multi-layered technology includes Mobile Banking, IMPS, Bhim UPI, and Wallet platforms, benefiting both businesses and users by facilitating seamless digital transactions and operations.

Aurionpro Solutions Ltd

Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. is a global tech firm serving banks, governments, and businesses. It specializes in Banking & Fintech, offering transaction and lending platforms like iCashpro+. Their Technology Innovation Group focuses on Smart City solutions, aiding digital governance and owns the Interactive Communication Business (Interact DX).

Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Ltd

Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Limited is an Indian company specializing in system integration for security, safety, and building automation. They offer services like video and audio door phones, access controls, home automation, intrusion alarms, CCTV, fire alarms, and more.

Shilchar Technologies Ltd

Shilchar Technologies Limited is an Indian company specializing in the manufacturing of distribution and power transformers, as well as electronics and telecommunication transformers. In addition, they manufacture transformers for the renewable energy sector, catering to solar and windmill applications. Their expertise extends to customizing transformers based on specific customer requirements, including insulation, shielding, mounting, and impregnation techniques.

Vintron Informatics Ltd

Vintron Informatics Limited, an Indian electronics firm, specializes in manufacturing security and surveillance equipment such as digital video recorders (DVRs) and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras along with other electronic products.

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd

Danlaw Technologies India Ltd. specializes in software, IT, and industrial electronics. Focused on automotive and aerospace sectors, it offers embedded electronics, engineering solutions, and V2X technology, facilitating vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, vehicle-to-pedestrian, and vehicle-to-network communications using DSRC and cellular technology.

Magellanic Cloud Limited

Magellanic Cloud Limited, an Indian company, specializes in software development, digital transformation, and DevOps. It focuses on areas like cloud migration, application rationalization, and digital asset management, optimizing efficiency through tools and processes. It executes IT projects globally, with key deliverables in DevOps and digital transformation, including drone-based inspection solutions.

R S Software (India) Ltd

R S Software (India) Ltd is an Indian company specializing in software development for electronic payment industries worldwide. Its services include software development, testing, and maintenance, along with consulting and package implementation. The company’s offerings cater to networks, processors, banks, merchants, and payment service providers globally.

If you are wondering about dividends and their payout methods, you may click here to get a brighter idea of the same.

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Now, let’s go on to our next section, where we have made a different list for your consideration.

IT Sector Stocks – Small Cap IT Stocks

IT is a vast sector and has many companies to look for. The list below is the top IT Sector Stocks in Small-Cap Market Size.

Small-Cap IT Stocks are those stocks whose market capitalization is below ₹.20,000 Crores for those who don’t know.

Small-Cap IT StocksMarket Cap
Avance Technologies Ltd261.61
Archana Software Ltd37.55
Network People Services Technologies Ltd2,733.43
Innovative Ideals and Services (India) Ltd32.47
Aurionpro Solutions Ltd5,240.33
Danlaw Technologies India Ltd975.11
Shilchar Technologies Ltd3,251.38
R S Software (India) Ltd347.71
Magellanic Cloud Ltd7,250.59
Vintron Informatics Ltd232.01

IT Sector Companies- Mid Cap IT Stocks

A Mid-Cap IT Sector Stock is a stock whose market capitalization is between ₹.20,000 Crores to ₹.50,000 Crores. 

The list below displays the best IT Sector Stocks in the Mid-Cap segment that can be considered for investment. 

Mid-cap IT StocksMarket Cap
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd68,598.62
KPIT Technologies Ltd45,376.82
Persistent Systems Ltd67,317.38
Coforge Ltd41,186.92
L&T Technology Services Ltd57,768.40
Mphasis Ltd52,928.30
Tata Elxsi Ltd46,791.09
Honeywell Automation India Ltd33,928.59
Tata Technologies Ltd44,860.85

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IT Sector Stocks – Large Cap IT Stocks

The below table is the list of the top IT Sector Stocks in the country. They all have Large-Cap market value and are very promising in terms of the ROI.

Large-Cap IT Sector Stocks are stocks whose market capitalization is above ₹.50,000 Crores. 

Large-Cap IT StocksMarket Cap
Bharat Electronics Ltd1,37,643.14
HCL Technologies Ltd4,51,538.50
Wipro Ltd2,83,373.90
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd14,93,655.07
Tech Mahindra Ltd1,27,180.69
LTIMindtree Ltd1,65,269.78
Infosys Ltd7,04,309.49

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IT Companies Listed on NSE

Now, this list below is bonus information for you. These are the IT companies listed in NSE (National Stock Exchange). You may find the NSE price of each stock given in the list.

LTIMindtree Ltd5,562.90
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd4,122.30
Infosys Ltd1,698.65
HCL Technologies Ltd1,670.00
Tech Mahindra Ltd1,300.40
Wipro Ltd541.95

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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