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AI Stocks List - Best AI Stocks in India

AI Stocks List – Best AI Stocks in India

The table below shows the AI Stocks List based on the highest market capitalization.

NameMarket CapClose Price
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd1279881.283502.45
Infosys Ltd598020.651437.55
HCL Technologies Ltd355020.071309.15
Wipro Ltd207086.20395.40
Tech Mahindra Ltd117809.971202.75
Bosch Ltd60724.9020651.90
Tata Elxsi Ltd52680.578306.60
Persistent Systems Ltd48232.736386.85
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd35855.424180.00
Affle (India) Ltd13656.331035.80

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Best AI Stocks

The table below shows the Best AI Stocks based on 1 Year return.

NameClose Price1Y Return
Saksoft Ltd357.05218.51
Zensar Technologies Ltd522.45141.82
Persistent Systems Ltd6386.8569.14
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd4180.0035.41
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd83.3029.75
Bosch Ltd20651.9023.64
Tata Elxsi Ltd8306.6021.38
HCL Technologies Ltd1309.1519.83
Tech Mahindra Ltd1202.7513.62
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd3502.454.58

Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks

The table below shows the Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks based on 1 month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return
Persistent Systems Ltd6386.8511.82
Tata Elxsi Ltd8306.6011.57
HCL Technologies Ltd1309.152.51
Bosch Ltd20651.901.56
Tech Mahindra Ltd1202.750.43
Saksoft Ltd357.050.42
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd4180.000.23

Best AI Stocks In India

The table below shows the Best AI Stocks In India based on the highest day Volume.

NameMarket CapDaily Volume
Infosys Ltd598020.654901251.00
Wipro Ltd207086.203943464.00
HCL Technologies Ltd355020.072882039.00
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd1279881.282021292.00
Tech Mahindra Ltd117809.971176628.00
Zensar Technologies Ltd11671.271016015.00
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd812.44572690.00
Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd812.44572690.00
Persistent Systems Ltd48232.73335498.00
Persistent Systems Ltd48232.73335498.00

Best AI Penny Stocks

The table below shows the Best AI Penny Stocks based on the PE Ratio.

NameClose PricePE Ratio
Wipro Ltd395.4017.85
Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd4180.0019.54
Zensar Technologies Ltd522.4523.14
HCL Technologies Ltd1309.1523.37
Infosys Ltd1437.5524.32
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd3502.4528.82
Bosch Ltd20651.9028.89
Persistent Systems Ltd6386.8551.68
Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd848.2553.79
Tata Elxsi Ltd8306.6066.55

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AI Stocks List – FAQs  

1. What Are The Best AI Stocks?

  • Best AI Stocks #1: Saksoft Ltd
  • Best AI Stocks #2: Zensar Technologies Ltd
  • Best AI Stocks #3: Persistent Systems Ltd
  • Best AI Stocks #4: Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd
  • Best AI Stocks #5: Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd

Best AI Stocks based on 1 Year return.

2. Is AI stock a good buy?

Given the technology’s increasing influence, investing in AI stocks can be a good choice for growth. Research companies, assess risks, and consider long-term potential before making investment decisions.

3. Which companies are successful in AI?

Best AI Stocks #1: Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Best AI Stocks #2: Infosys Ltd

Best AI Stocks #3: HCL Technologies Ltd

Best AI Stocks #4: Wipro Ltd

Best AI Stocks #5: Tech Mahindra Ltd

Based on the highest market cap listed top 5 AI stocks.

4. What is the future of AI in India?

The future of AI in India is promising, with anticipated growth across sectors like healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing. Increased adoption and innovation are expected, creating opportunities for development and economic impact.

5. Which AI company is listed with NSE?

Several AI-related companies are listed on the NSE, examples include Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, Infosys Ltd, HCL Technologies Ltd, Wipro Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd, Bosch Ltd, etc.

Introduction to Best AI Stocks

AI Stocks List  – highest market capitalization

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), an Indian IT company, provides services across various sectors, including Banking, Healthcare, and Manufacturing. Their products like TCS ADD and services, including AI, Cloud, and Digital Engineering, showcase their expertise.

Infosys Ltd

Infosys Limited, an India-based company, delivers consulting, technology, and digital services across various sectors. Its segments encompass Financial Services, Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, and more. Core services include application management and product engineering. Key products include Finacle and Infosys Applied AI.

HCL Technologies Ltd

HCL Technologies, an Indian tech company, operates through three segments: IT and Business Services (ITBS), Engineering and R&D Services (ERS), and HCL Software. ITBS offers a range of IT and business services, digital transformation, and cybersecurity solutions. ERS provides engineering services for end-to-end product lifecycle management. HCL Software delivers modernized software products tailored to global clients’ technology and industry-specific needs.

Best AI Stocks – 1 Year return

Saksoft Ltd

Saksoft Limited, an India-based company, specializes in industry-focused technology solutions and is a global digital transformation partner. It’s custom-developed applications and omni-channel solutions facilitate real-time access to information, offering augmented analytics solutions with AI/ML and NLP. With a one-year return of 218.51%, Saksoft is dedicated to enhancing enterprise cloud, intelligent automation, and augmented analytics.

Zensar Technologies Ltd

Zensar Technologies Limited, a digital solutions and technology services company, offers various IT services. Operating in two segments, it provides custom applications and infrastructure management services. Having a 1-year return of 141.82%.

Persistent Systems Ltd

Persistent Systems Limited, an India-based holding company, specializes in software products and technology services. Its segments cover BFSI, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Technology Companies. With a 1-year return of 69.14%, the company offers diverse services like digital strategy, software product engineering, CX transformation, and more.

Best Artificial Intelligence Stocks – 1 month Return

Tata Elxsi Ltd

Tata Elxsi Limited, a global design and technology services company based in India, focuses on system integration, support, and software development. With a 1-month return of 11.57%, it specializes in automotive engineering and offers solutions. The company extends services across various industries, including automotive, broadcast, communications, healthcare, and transportation.

Bosch Ltd

Bosch Limited, an India-based technology and services provider, excels in mobility solutions, industrial technology, and consumer goods. With a 1-month return of 1.56%, it manufactures fuel injection systems, automotive aftermarket products, and consumer energy solutions.

Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd

Oracle Financial Services Software Limited, an India-based company, specializes in IT solutions and services for the financial industry. It offers various banking software products and comprehensive services with a 1-month return of 0.23%.

Best AI Stocks In India – Highest Day Volume

Wipro Ltd

Wipro Limited, a technology services and consulting company, operates in two segments: IT Services, offering a broad range of services, and IT Products, providing third-party IT products with a diversified service portfolio.

Tech Mahindra Ltd

Tech Mahindra Limited, an India-based company, provides digital transformation, consulting, and business re-engineering services through IT Services and Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) segments. They are serving diverse industries globally.

Kellton Tech Solutions Ltd

Kellton Tech Solutions Limited, an India-based digital transformation company, specializes in services like Agile Software Development, Digital Commerce, and Technology Consulting. They offer platforms like Kellton4Media and Optima for various industry solutions.

Best AI Penny Stocks – PE Ratio

Happiest Minds Technologies Ltd

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited, an Indian IT consulting company, operates in segments like Infrastructure Management & Security Services (IMSS), Digital Business Solutions (DBS), and Product Engineering Services (PES). IMSS provides support and security services, DBS focuses on digital modernization, and PES offers digital foundry and engineering solutions. The company has a Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio of 53.79.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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