High Beta Stocks

High Beta Stocks

The below table shows High Beta Stocks based on the highest market capitalization and beta..

NameMarket CapClose PriceBeta
Reliance Industries Ltd1560252.372263.201.04
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd1264440.093410.150.52
HDFC Bank Ltd1148605.761506.051.14
ICICI Bank Ltd655456.28929.951.33
Hindustan Unilever Ltd598699.352483.500.17
Infosys Ltd593362.681408.650.66
ITC Ltd561714.09435.900.64
Bharti Airtel Ltd551526.74939.300.61
State Bank of India509773.83552.951.43
Bajaj Finance Ltd474517.437798.901.97

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Top 10 High Beta Stocks

The table below shows the Top 10 High Beta Stocks based on 1 Year return. 

NameBeta1Y Return
REC Ltd1.01197.17
Power Finance Corporation Ltd1.03189.45
Tata Motors Ltd1.64113.24
Indian Overseas Bank1.07108.71
Supreme Industries Ltd1.02106.62
Linde India Ltd1.2499.35
Union Bank of India Ltd1.3893.29
Polycab India Ltd0.8991.03
Varun Beverages Ltd1.0982.16
Indian Bank1.9282.05

High Beta Stocks

The below table shows High Beta Stocks based on 1-month Return.

NameBeta1M Return
Bajaj Auto Ltd1.028.09
Coal India Ltd0.858.03
Nestle India Ltd0.307.39
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd1.176.48
Lupin Ltd0.686.43
TVS Motor Company Ltd0.686.10
Supreme Industries Ltd1.025.22
Bajaj Finserv Ltd2.024.50
Bajaj Finance Ltd1.974.38
Tata Motors Ltd1.734.34

Top 10 High Beta Stocks In Nse

The table below shows the Top 10 High Beta Stocks In NSE based on 6-month Return.

NameBeta6M Return
REC Ltd1.01128.30
Power Finance Corporation Ltd1.0394.77
Tata Motors Ltd1.6474.25
Vodafone Idea Ltd1.1269.77
Lupin Ltd0.6868.02
Polycab India Ltd0.8965.64
Supreme Industries Ltd1.0260.91
HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd1.1759.83
Indian Overseas Bank1.0759.10
Adani Power Ltd1.1258.82

High beta stocks for intraday

The table below shows High beta stocks for intraday based on the PE Ratio.

Vedanta Ltd1.723.03
Canara Bank Ltd1.665.77
Power Finance Corporation Ltd1.036.53
Bank of Baroda Ltd1.396.53
REC Ltd1.016.55
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd1.076.96
Union Bank of India Ltd1.387.63
Indian Bank1.929.14
State Bank of India1.439.43
Coal India Ltd0.8512.37

High Beta Stocks – FAQs  

1. What Is High Beta Stock?

Beta measures a stock’s volatility relative to the overall market. A beta over 1.0 indicates higher volatility than the market, while below 1.0 suggests lower stock volatility compared to the market.

2. Is a high-beta good for stocks?

A high beta indicates greater stock price volatility relative to the market. It can offer higher returns but involves higher risk.

3. Which are high-beta stocks in Nifty 50?

  • High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 #1: Indusind Bank Ltd
  • High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 #2: Bajaj Finserv Ltd
  • High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 #3: Bajaj Finance Ltd
  • High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 #4: Hindalco Industries Ltd
  • High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 #5: Tata Motors Ltd

High-Beta Stocks in Nifty 50 based on highest Beta value.

4. What is a safe beta for stocks?

If beta is less than 1.0, we can consider it a less volatile stock.

Hindustan Unilever Ltd0.17
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd0.25
Nestle India Ltd0.30
Marico Ltd0.31
Dabur India Ltd0.33

5. Why do companies have high beta?

High-beta stocks offer the potential for higher returns but come with higher risk; investors can gain or lose significantly. They are best in bullish markets.

Introduction to High Beta Stocks

High Beta Stocks – highest market capitalization

Reliance Industries Ltd

Reliance Industries Limited, based in India, operates in hydrocarbon exploration, refining, petrochemicals, renewables, retail, and digital services. Its segments cover oil to chemicals, oil and gas exploration, retail, and digital services, with a substantial market capitalization of 1560252.37 and a beta of 1.04.

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is a prominent Indian IT company, offering services across various sectors like banking, retail, and healthcare. Reliance Industries Limited, another Indian giant, operates in hydrocarbons, petrochemicals, renewables, retail, and digital services, with a significant market cap of 1264440.09 and a beta of 0.52.

HDFC Bank Ltd

HDFC Bank Limited is a comprehensive financial services conglomerate, offering banking, insurance, and mutual funds. Its services range from retail and wholesale banking to investment operations, catering to diverse clients and industries through various subsidiaries like HDFC Securities and HDB Financial Services, with a significant market cap of 1148605.76 and a beta of 1.14

Top 10 High Beta Stocks  – 1 Year return


REC Limited, an Indian infrastructure finance company, provides loans to power sectors, state electricity boards, and private entities. It operates in lending, focusing on power, logistics, and infrastructure sectors, with a notable 1-year return of 197.17%.

Power Finance Corporation Ltd

Power Finance Corporation Limited, an Indian NBFC, specializes in financial aid for the power sector. It offers diverse fund-based products, including project loans and non-fund-based services such as guarantees, with a remarkable 1-year return of 189.45%.

Tata Motors Ltd

Tata Motors Limited is a global automobile manufacturer, producing cars, SUVs, trucks, buses, and defense vehicles. Its segments cover diverse vehicle categories, including Tata and Jaguar Land Rover brands, along with vehicle financing and other operations. Notably, it boasts an impressive 1-year return of 113.24%.

High Beta Stocks – 1 month Return

Bajaj Auto Ltd

Bajaj Auto Limited, an Indian manufacturer, produces two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and quadricycles. Their offerings include motorcycles, commercial vehicles, and electric two-wheelers. With a 1-month return of 8.09%, the company operates globally.

Coal India Ltd

Coal India Ltd., an Indian coal mining company, operates in 83 mining areas across eight states. With 322 mines, including underground and opencast operations, it also manages training institutes and subsidiaries, achieving a 1-month return of 8.03%.

Nestle India Ltd

Nestle India Limited, a prominent food company in India, offers a diverse range of products including milk items, prepared dishes, beverages, and confectionery under brands like NESCAFE and MAGGI. Achieving a 1-month return of 7.39%, it caters to daily consumption needs.

Top 10 High Beta Stocks In NSE – 6 month Return

Vodafone Idea Ltd

Vodafone Idea Limited, an Indian telecom provider, offers voice, data, and digital services across 2G, 3G, and 4G platforms. Serving diverse sectors, it provides communication solutions and entertainment services, achieving an impressive 6-month return of 69.77%.

Lupin Ltd

Lupin Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, produces and markets a wide range of branded and generic medications, biotechnology products, and APIs globally. It operates in various therapeutic segments and has manufacturing facilities in India, the USA, Mexico, and Brazil. With a 6-month return of 68.02%, it specializes in complex generics and biosimilar products.

Polycab India Ltd

Polycab India Limited is a manufacturer of wires and cables, specializing in fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG). It operates in three segments: wires and cables, FMEG, and others, including EPC projects. With a remarkable 6-month return of 65.64%, it owns multiple manufacturing facilities across India.

High beta stocks for intraday – PE Ratio

Vedanta Ltd

Vedanta Limited, an Indian natural resources company, operates in diverse sectors such as oil, gas, metals, and power. Its products serve industries like transportation, construction, and energy. Having PE Ratio of 3.03

Canara Bank Ltd

Canara Bank Limited, an Indian bank, offers diverse services including personal and corporate banking, depository, and loan products. It caters to rural areas, providing savings accounts and credit facilities, and has a PE Ratio of 5.77.

Bank of Baroda Ltd

Bank of Baroda Limited, a leading Indian bank, provides diverse banking services including digital products, loans, and merchant payment solutions. With a PE Ratio of 5.77, it operates through extensive branches, ATMs, and innovative financial offerings.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change over time.

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