Penny Stock List

Penny Stock List – Best Penny Stock List [Updated 2024]

The table below shows the Best Penny Stocks List based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

Penny Stock ListMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price
Gujarat Hy Spin Ltd19.111.4
Palm Jewels Limited19.0718.99
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd18.7812.04
Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd18.7612.72
Groarc Industries India Ltd18.629.1
Meyer Apparel Ltd18.592.31
ISF Ltd18.531.95
Marble City India Ltd18.5215.5
ECS Biztech Ltd18.59.0
S M Gold Ltd18.4818.41


Best Penny Stocks For Long-Term

The table below shows the Best Penny Stocks For Long Term based on 1 Year Return. 

Best Penny Stock ListClose Price1Y Return %
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd12.04447.27
Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd12.72113.78
Meyer Apparel Ltd2.3186.29
ECS Biztech Ltd9.085.57
Palm Jewels Limited18.9957.46
S M Gold Ltd18.4130.11
Marble City India Ltd15.529.6
SVS Ventures Ltd8.4915.83
Groarc Industries India Ltd9.113.75
Helpage Finlease Ltd18.2410.55
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Best Penny Stocks In India

The table below shows the Best Penny Stocks In India based on 1 Month Return.

Penny Stock ListClose Price1M Return %
Meyer Apparel Ltd2.3123.6
Gujarat Hy Spin Ltd11.414.57
Helpage Finlease Ltd18.247.57
ECS Biztech Ltd9.0-0.23
S M Gold Ltd18.41-9.36
Groarc Industries India Ltd9.1-9.68
SVS Ventures Ltd8.49-12.77
Palm Jewels Limited18.99-13.06
Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd12.72-13.13
ISF Ltd1.95-15.04

Penny Stock List NSE

The table below shows the Penny Stock List NSE based on the highest day Volume.

Best Penny Stock ListClose PriceDaily Volume (Shares)
ISF Ltd1.9576132.0
S M Gold Ltd18.4139932.0
SVS Ventures Ltd8.4918000.0
Meyer Apparel Ltd2.3112154.0
Groarc Industries India Ltd9.19390.0
ECS Biztech Ltd9.08701.0
Marble City India Ltd15.57281.0
Palm Jewels Limited18.993934.0
Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd12.723586.0
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd12.042082.0

Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2024

The table below shows Multibagger Penny Stocks For 2024 based on the PE Ratio. 

Penny Stock ListClose PricePE RATIO
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd12.045.01
S M Gold Ltd18.4122.08
Marble City India Ltd15.5029.63
Palm Jewels Limited18.9947.34
Helpage Finlease Ltd18.2453.54
ECS Biztech Ltd9.0071.75

Debt-Free Penny Stocks

The table below shows Debt Free Penny Stocks based on the 6-month return. 

Best Penny Stock ListClose Price6M Return %
Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd12.72116.33
ECS Biztech Ltd9.038.46
Helpage Finlease Ltd18.2434.22
Jagjanani Textiles Ltd12.049.16
Meyer Apparel Ltd2.317.94
Groarc Industries India Ltd9.14.6
Palm Jewels Limited18.994.0
SVS Ventures Ltd8.492.41
Marble City India Ltd15.51.64
Gujarat Hy Spin Ltd11.41.33

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only. Investing in Penny Stocks is quite risky and it is not advisable to invest in penny stocks without complete knowledge and expertise.

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Introduction to Best Penny Stocks List

Best Penny Stocks For Long Term – 1 Year Return

Jagjanani Textiles Ltd

The Market Cap of Jagjanani Textiles Limited is Rs 18.78 Cr. As an India-based company specializing in the supply of yarn and fabrics, including cotton and polyester-cotton blends, it has experienced a monthly return of -23.64% and an annual return of 447.27%. Currently, the stock is 80.73% below its 52-week high. 

Operating primarily in the Textile business segment, Jagjanani Textiles offers a variety of products. Its spinning section produces yarn suitable for denim ranging from NE four to NE16, Amsler slub open-end yarn, soft yarn for towels, waxed yarn for knits, and two-for-one (TFO) doubled yarn.

The weaving section produces ducks, drills, twills, canvas, and tussore. With its operations based in India, the company exports its yarn and fabrics worldwide, including to Europe and the United States, showcasing its global reach in the textile industry.

Svaraj Trading and Agencies Ltd

The Market Cap of Svaraj Trading and Agencies Limited is Rs 18.76 Cr. This India-based entity, primarily engaged in trading and investment in securities, has seen a monthly return of -13.13% and an annual return of 113.78%. Currently, the stock is 64.70% below its 52-week high. 

Specializing in the trading and agencies sector, Svaraj Trading and Agencies Limited provides various products and services. Its operations encompass trading and agencies business along with various allied activities, catering to a diverse clientele and contributing to its presence in the securities trading industry.

Meyer Apparel Ltd

The Market Cap of Meyer Apparel Limited is Rs 18.59 Cr. This India-based company, specializing in the production of men’s suits and trousers, has witnessed a monthly return of 23.60% and a yearly return of 86.29%. Currently, the stock is 9.96% below its 52-week high. 

Located near New Delhi, Meyer Apparel’s production unit boasts the capacity to produce 600 jackets and 800 pairs of trousers daily. The company exports its products to the United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. The KBSH Group backs it from Haryana and the Singapore-based Thakral Group of Companies. 

Operating solely in the readymade garments sector for the retail market, Meyer Apparel offers a wide range of apparel options from casual wear like jeans and t-shirts to formal attire including suits and accessories such as leather wallets, watches, ties, and eyewear, catering to diverse fashion needs.

Best Penny Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Gujarat Hy Spin Ltd

The Market Cap of Gujarat Hy-spin Limited is 19.10 Cr. This India-based company focused on yarn manufacturing and processing, has experienced a monthly return of 14.57% but a slight annual decline of -2.98%. Currently, the stock is 38.60% below its 52-week high. 

Specializing in producing cotton yarn and other types of yarns, Gujarat Hy-spin also supplies special threads to the garment industry. Its manufacturing facilities are located in Gondal, Gujarat, emphasizing its commitment to contributing to the textile sector with a focus on quality and innovation in yarn production.

Helpage Finlease Ltd

The Market Cap of Helpage Finlease Limited is 18.14 Cr. As an India-based non-banking financial company, it has seen a monthly return of 7.57% and an annual return of 10.55%. Currently, the stock is 23.79% below its 52-week high. 

Specializing in the lending business, Helpage Finlease primarily serves the financial requirements of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The company offers a wide array of financial services, including but not limited to asset and portfolio management, underwriting, stock broking, merchant banking, venture capital financing, and foreign exchange activities. 

Additionally, it engages in factoring, leasing, credit card services, and providing credit ratings to other companies, demonstrating its versatile financial solutions tailored to various business needs.

ECS Biztech Ltd

The Market Cap of ECS Biztech Limited is Rs 18.50 Cr. This India-based technology solutions and services company has experienced a minimal monthly return decrease of -0.23% but boasts a significant annual return of 85.57%. Currently, the stock is 59.89% below its 52-week high. 

Operating within the IT product and services segment, ECS Biztech offers a comprehensive range of services, including managed cloud data centers, advanced cybersecurity services, digital and cyber forensic services, and IT consulting. Its cybersecurity solutions encompass deception technology, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT), user behavior analytics, and firewall management, among others. 

Additionally, the company provides digital forensic services covering mobile, disk-memory, network, cloud, database, chip-off forensics, and audio/video forensics, catering to a wide range of IT security and forensic needs.

Penny Stocks List – Highest Market Capitalization

Palm Jewels Limited

The Market Cap of Palm Jewels Limited is 19.07 Cr. This India-based company, specializing in the wholesale business of gold jewelry, has seen a monthly return of -13.06% and an annual return of 57.46%. Currently, the stock is 22.38% below its 52-week high. 

Palm Jewels focuses on selling gold chains, bracelets, and necklaces, outsourcing its manufacturing to job workers in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. The company employs business-to-business (B2B) marketing and direct outbound marketing to sell its products across Gujarat. Its range includes gold chains, gold lucky items, silver payal, silver zuda, and silver bacha items. The gold chain selection features a Machine chain, Handmade Chains, Indo-Italian, and Navabi Chains. 

Gold lucky items encompass Hollow Lucky and Casting Lucky, while its silver payal range includes Jain 6T Payal, Antique Payal, and JO 70 Payal. Silver zuda offerings comprise Jain 6T Zuda, Antique Zuda, and JO 100 Zuda, with silver bacha items featuring Kadli and Baccha Payal, showcasing a diverse and traditional jewelry collection.

Groarc Industries India Ltd

The Market Cap of Telesys Info-Infra (I) Limited is 18.62 Cr. This India-based company focused on retail trade and providing loans, has recorded a monthly return of -9.68% and an annual return of 13.75%. Currently, the stock is 48.24% below its 52-week high. 

The company’s revenue streams come from the sale of goods and various other income sources, positioning it within the financial and retail sectors.


The Market Cap of ISF Limited is 18.53 Cr. This India-based non-banking finance company (NBFC) has seen a monthly return of -15.04% and an annual return of -1.52%. Currently, the stock is 53.85% below its 52-week high. 

Specializing in lending activities, ISF Limited offers loans for both new and used commercial vehicles, four-wheelers, and two-wheelers, and provides loans against property (LAP) as well as secured and unsecured micro, small, and medium enterprise (MSME) loans to the SME/MSME segment. 

The company is also making strides in the digital lending space, focusing on instant loan provision through digital platforms. It is in the process of developing a web platform to offer free personal loans, showcasing its commitment to innovating and expanding its financial services.

Penny Stock List NSE – Highest Day Volume

S M Gold Ltd

The Market Cap of S. M. Gold Limited is 18.48 Cr. As an India-based company specializing in the manufacture and wholesale trading of mangalsutra jewelry, it has experienced a monthly return of -9.36% and an annual return of 30.11%. Currently, the stock is 29.71% below its 52-week high. 

S. M. Gold extends its product line to include a variety of other jewelry items, such as rings, chains, earrings, ear chains, nose rings/nose pins, waist belts, anklets, zuda, toe rings, pendant sets, bracelets, and bangles, catering to wedding and festive occasions. 

Operating under the brand name S. M. Gold – the House of Mangalsutra, the company provides an extensive range of traditional, Indo-western, and modern jewelry designs. It also offers customization services to meet the unique preferences of its customers. The product portfolio features diverse styles including Antique MS, Culcuti MS, CZ MS, Designer MS, Formal MS, and Formal Pendal, showcasing the company’s versatility and commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

SVS Ventures Ltd

The Market Cap of SVS Ventures Ltd is 18.13 Cr. This consulting company, based in India and focused on construction and real estate, has seen a monthly return of -12.77% and an annual return of 15.83%. Currently, the stock is 61.13% below its 52-week high. 

SVS Ventures Ltd operates as builders, contractors, dealers, project consultants, brokers, and agents in land, buildings, properties, estates, and other structures. The company takes on roles as promoters, organizers, and developers of various real estate projects, including lands, estates, cooperative housing societies, housing schemes, office complexes, tow