QSR Stocks - Best QSR Stocks in India

QSR Stocks – Best QSR Stocks in India

The table below shows QSR Stocks based on the highest market capitalization.

NameMarket CapClose Price
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd34722.32528.05
Devyani International Ltd21994.87185.30
Westlife Development Ltd13177.76872.10
Sapphire Foods India Ltd8708.951396.30
Restaurant Brands Asia Ltd5799.76115.10
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd2423.27627.15
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd981.2645.65
Speciality Restaurants Ltd861.47184.40
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd451.771673.20
Anjani Foods Ltd100.0937.60

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Quick Service Restaurant Stocks

The table below shows the Quick Service Restaurant Stocks based on 1 Year returns.

NameClose Price1Y Return
Anjani Foods Ltd37.6028.77
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd1673.2019.27
Westlife Development Ltd872.1014.13
Sapphire Foods India Ltd1396.304.00
Devyani International Ltd185.300.93
Restaurant Brands Asia Ltd115.10-0.99
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd528.05-4.42
Speciality Restaurants Ltd184.40-4.70
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd45.65-6.07
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd627.15-42.70

Best QSR Stocks India

The table below shows QSR Stocks based on 1 month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return
Anjani Foods Ltd37.6025.38
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd1673.205.32
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd528.05-1.45
Sapphire Foods India Ltd1396.30-1.89
Restaurant Brands Asia Ltd115.10-5.96
Westlife Development Ltd872.10-7.53
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd45.65-8.24
Speciality Restaurants Ltd184.40-9.03
Devyani International Ltd185.30-11.47
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd627.15-16.27

QSR Stocks – Best Fast-Food Stocks in India

The table below shows the Best QSR Stocks in India based on the highest daily volume. 

NameClose PriceDaily Volume
Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd45.652159847.00
Devyani International Ltd185.301807862.00
Restaurant Brands Asia Ltd115.101429435.00
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd528.05875286.00
Westlife Development Ltd872.10115665.00
Speciality Restaurants Ltd184.4079365.00
Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd627.1548968.00
Sapphire Foods India Ltd1396.3042358.00
Anjani Foods Ltd37.6023023.00
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd1673.203020.00

Quick Service Restaurant Stocks In India

The table below shows Quick Service Restaurant Stocks In India based on the PE Ratio.

NameMarket CapPE Ratio
Devyani International Ltd21994.87135.31
Jubilant Foodworks Ltd34722.32128.1
Anjani Foods Ltd100.0987.92
Sapphire Foods India Ltd8708.9542.7
Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd451.7728.78
Speciality Restaurants Ltd861.4710.72

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QSR Stocks – FAQs  

What are the best QSR Stocks?

  • Best QSR Stocks #1: Anjani Foods Ltd
  • Best QSR Stocks #2: Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd
  • Best QSR Stocks #3: Westlife Development Ltd
  • Best QSR Stocks #4: Sapphire Foods India Ltd
  • Best QSR Stocks #5: Devyani International Ltd

The above list contains the 5 Quick-Service Restaurant (QSR) stocks based on a 1-year return.

What are QSR stocks?

QSR stands for ‘Quick Service Restaurant.’ In professional terms, this represents the official restaurant designation for what some might call a ‘Fast Food’ restaurant.

What is the profit margin of QSR in India?

Due to the comparatively low initial investment and the consistently high customer traffic, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) can achieve a substantial profit margin, typically ranging from 15-25%.

Can I Buy QSR stocks in India?

Yes, you can buy QSR stocks in India. Open a demat account with Alice Blue Platform, complete the KYC process, and fund your account. Use the trading platform provided by the broker to buy stocks.

How to Buy QSR stocks in India?

To buy Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) stocks in India:

1. Open a demat account with Alice Blue Platform.

2. Complete the KYC process.

3. Fund your trading account.

4. Use the broker’s trading platform to search for and buy QSR stocks on the Indian stock market.

Introduction to QSR Stocks

QSR Stocks – Highest Market Capitalization.

Jubilant Foodworks Ltd

Jubilant FoodWorks, an Indian food service company, oversees international brands such as Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Popeyes, and local brands like Hong’s Kitchen and Ekdum. ChefBoss serves as its FMCG food brand.

Restaurant Brands Asia Ltd

Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, an India-based company, specializes in quick-service restaurants with the Burger King brand. Operating in India and Indonesia, it offers a diverse menu catering to local preferences. With approximately 315 restaurants in India and 177 in Indonesia, it features items like Veg Whopper, Crispy Chicken Burger, and Chocolate Mousse Cup.

Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd

Headquartered in India, Barbeque-Nation Hospitality Ltd runs a casual restaurant chain with a focus on a diverse menu including meats, vegetables, sauces, and condiments. With about 200 outlets in India and an international presence in the UAE, Malaysia, and Oman, the company also operates the Toscano brand, an Italian restaurant chain.

Quick Service Restaurant Stocks – 1 Year return

Westlife Development Ltd

Westlife Foodworld, through its subsidiary Hardcastle Restaurants, is a McDonald’s franchisee in India’s west and south. With 361 restaurants, it offers burgers, chicken, desserts, and McCafe beverages. The stock has generated a one-year return of 14.13%.

Sapphire Foods India Ltd

Sapphire Foods India Ltd operates quick-service restaurants and casual dining, franchising Yum Brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell) in India, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, boasting around 579 outlets. The one-year return is 4.00%.

Devyani International Ltd

Devyani International Ltd, based in India, oversees quick-service restaurants and food courts for brands like Pizza Hut, KFC, Costa Coffee, and Vaango. It operates extensively in India and internationally, with the current one-year return at 0.93%.

QSR Stocks – 1 month Return

Anjani Foods Ltd

Anjani Foods Ltd., an Indian company in the food sector, primarily focuses on bakery products through retail outlets and distribution channels. It has recorded an impressive one-month return of 25.38%.

Apollo Sindoori Hotels Ltd

Apollo Sindoori Hotels Limited, an Indian hospitality and support services company, provides diverse services, including healthcare catering, industrial catering, corporate catering, and outdoor catering. With a respectable one-month return of 5.32%, the company manages Sketch, a cafe in Chennai offering continental cuisine and customizable cakes.

Best QSR Stocks India – Highest Day Volume.

Coffee Day Enterprises Ltd

Coffee Day Enterprises Limited, an Indian company, engages in the trade of coffee beans and operates in coffee retail, logistics, hospitality, and IT services. Its flagship brand, Cafe Coffee Day, boasts a network of 495 cafes.

Speciality Restaurants Ltd

Speciality Restaurants Limited, another Indian company, manages fine dining, casual dining, bar, lounge, bakery, and confectionery outlets across India and internationally. With approximately 129 locations, its diverse portfolio includes brands such as Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Asia Kitchen By Mainland China, Sigree, Sigree Global Grill, Spicery by Sigree, and more.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory

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