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Glass Stocks - Best Glass Stocks In India

Glass Stocks – Best Glass Stocks In India

The table below shows the Best glass stocks in India based on the highest market capitalization.

NameMarket Cap ( Cr )Close Price
Asahi India Glass Ltd13339.56548.75
Borosil Renewables Ltd5603.77429.30
La Opala R G Ltd4097.01369.10
Haldyn Glass Ltd724.30134.75
Empire Industries Ltd593.58989.30
Sejal Glass Ltd262.55259.95
Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd204.6322.85
Banaras Beads Ltd65.6798.95
Triveni Glass Ltd23.9819.00
Jai Mata Glass Ltd15.301.53

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“Glass stocks” typically refer to the shares or stocks of companies involved in producing, manufacturing, or distributing glass products or related materials. These companies may be engaged in various aspects of the glass industry, including manufacturing flat glass, automotive glass, glass containers, or specialty glass products. 

Best Glass Stocks In India

The table below shows the Best Glass Stocks In India based on 1 Year Return.

NameClose Price1Y Return %
Jai Mata Glass Ltd1.53146.77
Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd22.85134.36
Haldyn Glass Ltd134.7589.66
Empire Industries Ltd989.3040.57
Banaras Beads Ltd98.9518.01
Sejal Glass Ltd259.95-0.99
Asahi India Glass Ltd548.75-4.38
La Opala R G Ltd369.10-12.56
Triveni Glass Ltd19.00-15.56
Borosil Renewables Ltd429.30-21.08

Top Glass Stocks In India

The table below shows the Top Glass Stocks In India based on 1 Month Return.

NameClose Price1M Return %
Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd22.8539.33
Triveni Glass Ltd19.009.71
Jai Mata Glass Ltd1.534.03
Haldyn Glass Ltd134.753.90
Banaras Beads Ltd98.951.93
Empire Industries Ltd989.301.85
Borosil Renewables Ltd429.30-0.99
Asahi India Glass Ltd548.75-4.88
Sejal Glass Ltd259.95-9.85
La Opala R G Ltd369.10-17.00

Glass Stocks List

The table below shows the Glass Stocks List based on the highest day Volume.

NameClose PriceDaily Volume
La Opala R G Ltd369.10573386.00
Banaras Beads Ltd98.95315561.00
Borosil Renewables Ltd429.30273967.00
Jai Mata Glass Ltd1.53196742.00
Haldyn Glass Ltd134.75129644.00
Asahi India Glass Ltd548.7571740.00
Triveni Glass Ltd19.0040083.00
Sejal Glass Ltd259.9525044.00
Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd22.8517946.00
Empire Industries Ltd989.302743.00

Glass Stocks In India

The table below shows Glass Stocks In India based on the PE Ratio. 

NameClose PricePE Ratio
Triveni Glass Ltd19.009.45
Empire Industries Ltd989.3016.38
Sejal Glass Ltd259.9523.74
Banaras Beads Ltd98.9527.60
La Opala R G Ltd369.1033.11

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Glass Stocks- FAQs  

Which are the Best Glass Stocks In India?

  • Top Glass Stocks #1: Jai Mata Glass Ltd
  • Top Glass Stocks #2: Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd
  • Top Glass Stocks #3: Haldyn Glass Ltd
  • Top Glass Stocks #4: Empire Industries Ltd
  • Top Glass Stocks #5: Banaras Beads Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

What are the Top Glass Stocks?

Over the past month, the top-performing stocks are Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd, Triveni Glass Ltd, Jai Mata Glass Ltd, Haldyn Glass Ltd, Banaras Beads Ltd.

Can I invest in Glass Stocks?

Yes, you can invest in glass stocks if there are publicly traded companies in the glass industry. To do so, Choose a brokerage firm and open a Demat account. Using a Demat account, we can use Glass Stocks. Open a Demat account now.

Introduction to Glass Stocks

Glass Stocks – Best Glass Stocks In India – Highest Market Capitalization.

Asahi India Glass Ltd

Asahi India Glass Limited, an Indian company specializing in glass and window solutions, operates in automotive and floating glass segments. Their auto glass products serve various industries, while architectural glass offerings include energy-efficient and specialty options. The consumer glass division has Windshield Experts and AIS Windows/Glasxperts.

Borosil Renewables Ltd

Borosil Renewables Limited, an Indian company, specializes in producing low iron textured solar glass for photovoltaic panels, collectors, and greenhouses. Their product range includes Selene for anti-glare PV installations near airports, Shakti with a matt-matt finish, and various other solar glass types. Additionally, under the BOROSIL brand, they manufacture lab ware, scientific ware, and consumer products. 

La Opala R G Ltd

La Opala RG Limited, an Indian tableware company, manufactures and markets lifestyle products in glassware. They produce opal glass tableware and lead crystalware, offering a range including plates, bowls, dinner sets, and crystalware items. Brands include La Opala, Diva, Cook Serve Store, and Solitaire Crystal, each offering unique collections.

Best Glass Stocks In India – 1 Year Return

Jai Mata Glass Ltd

Jai Mata Glass Limited, an Indian glass design company, operates as a sales agent in Eastern and Northern India, achieving a remarkable 146.77% one-year return. Their product range encompasses The K-series, patterned glass, elegant frosted glass, and wired glass, with decorative patterns and wire mesh embedded options available.

Hindusthan National Glass And Industries Ltd

Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Ltd manufactures and sells container glass bottles across various sectors like food, pharmaceuticals, beer, and household products. Their diverse product range includes bottles like 180 ML Crown Cork Bottle, with a remarkable 134.36% one-year return. The company operates multiple plants across India in locations such as Rishra, Bahadurgarh, Rishikesh, Neemrana, Sinnar, Naidupeta, and Puducherry.

Haldyn Glass Ltd

Haldyn Glass Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing glass containers and bottles for the food, beverage, and spirits sectors. They produce clear glass vials for pharmaceuticals, bottles for liquor, cosmetics, and various food and beverage packaging needs, achieving a remarkable 89.66% one-year return.

Top Glass Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Triveni Glass Ltd

Triveni Glass Limited, an Indian company, specializes in producing a wide range of glass products, including clear and patterned glass in 25 designs and seven tints. They also manufacture various types of flat glass, such as float, sheet, figured, and tabletops. With a 9.71% monthly return, they export their products to numerous countries worldwide, including Italy, France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, South Africa, and other countries. Triveni Glass Limited operates two vertical drawn sheet plants, a figured glass plant, a float glass plant in Allahabad, and two factories for Neutral Glass Tubes in Meerut.

Banaras Beads Ltd

Banaras Beads Limited specializes in crafting and exporting handmade glass bead necklaces and imitation jewelry. They also create various items from precious and semi-precious metals and stones, offering a wide range of materials, including clay, brass, aluminum, and more. The company’s portfolio encompasses a variety of unique beads and shapes, such as gold stone, dichroic, hand-painted, and Kashmiri beads, all with a 1.93% return policy within one month.

Empire Industries Ltd

Empire Industries Limited, an Indian company, operates in multiple sectors including pharmaceutical glass bottle manufacturing, precision machinery representation, frozen food import and distribution, office space leasing, and real estate development. It offers co-sharing office solutions, enabling businesses to operate efficiently with reduced startup expenses and overheads, while achieving a 1.85% return in just one month.

Glass Stocks List – Highest Day Volume

Sejal Glass Ltd

Sejal Glass Limited, an Indian company, specializes in manufacturing value-added glass in various forms like tempering, designing, insulating, and laminating. Operating under the Architectural Glass Manufacturing Business segment, the company’s product range comprises Solid Glass (available in Heat Strengthened and Fully Toughened variants), Kool Glass, Tone Glass, Fort Glass, Armor Glass, Decor Glass, FireBan Glass, and Lunaro, serving applications from frameless glass assemblies to thermal and acoustic insulation solutions for walls, partitions, doors, windows, and skylights.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time. The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory.

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