Packaging Stocks - Top Packaging Stocks In India

Packaging Stocks – Top Packaging Stocks In India

The table below shows the Top Packaging Stocks In India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

NameMarket Cap ( Crs )Close Price (₹)
AGI Greenpac Ltd5754.83889.50
TCPL Packaging Ltd2019.452224.65
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd710.50193.15
Arrow Greentech Ltd650.97431.45
Kaira Can Co Ltd212.552305.00
Rajeshwari Cans Ltd82.36157.00
Uma Converter Ltd60.8230.00
DK Enterprises Global Ltd60.0680.00
G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd36.2516.48
Sabar Flex India Ltd31.6521.00

Packaging stocks refer to shares in companies primarily manufacturing and distributing packaging materials and products. These companies produce containers, boxes, labels, and other packaging solutions essential for various industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.


Packaging Sector Stocks

The table below shows the Packaging Sector Stocks based on 1 Year Return. 

NameClose Price (₹)1Y Return %
AGI Greenpac Ltd889.50183.51
Arrow Greentech Ltd431.45115.56
S V J Enterprises Ltd52.9546.68
Sabar Flex India Ltd21.0039.07
TCPL Packaging Ltd2224.6536.60
Rajeshwari Cans Ltd157.0025.60
DK Enterprises Global Ltd80.0021.86
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd193.158.73
Radha Madhav Corp Ltd1.952.63
Uma Converter Ltd30.00-9.50

Top Packaging Stocks In India

The table below shows the Top Packaging Stocks In India based on 1 monthly return.

NameClose Price (₹)1M Return %
G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd16.4823.67
Rajeshwari Cans Ltd157.0019.94
Kaira Can Co Ltd2305.005.59
Radha Madhav Corp Ltd1.952.63
TCPL Packaging Ltd2224.651.27
Uma Converter Ltd30.00-0.79
Arrow Greentech Ltd431.45-3.98
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd193.15-4.17
DK Enterprises Global Ltd80.00-5.83
AGI Greenpac Ltd889.50-8.42

Best Packaging Stocks

The table below shows the Best Packaging Stocks based on the Highest Daily Volume.

NameClose Price (₹)Daily Volume (Crs)
G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd16.48993968.00
AGI Greenpac Ltd889.50136483.00
Pyramid Technoplast Ltd193.15131135.00
Radha Madhav Corp Ltd1.9561412.00
Uma Converter Ltd30.0044000.00
Sabar Flex India Ltd21.0035000.00
Arrow Greentech Ltd431.4530217.00
Kahan Packaging Ltd87.0014400.00
Synthiko Foils Ltd67.239276.00
Anuroop Packaging Ltd17.687530.00

Packaging Stock in NSE

The table below shows Packaging Stock in NSE based on the PE Ratio.  

NamePE RatioClose Price (₹)
TCPL Packaging Ltd19.072224.65
AGI Greenpac Ltd20.75889.50
Arrow Greentech Ltd20.80431.45
Kaira Can Co Ltd50.922305.00
G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd80.9916.48

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Packaging Stock- FAQs  

1. Which are the Best Packaging Stocks?

  • Best Packaging Stocks #1: AGI Greenpac Ltd
  • Best Packaging Stocks #2: Arrow Greentech Ltd
  • Best Packaging Stocks #3: S V J Enterprises Ltd
  • Best Packaging Stocks #4: Sabar Flex India Ltd
  • Best Packaging Stocks #5: TCPL Packaging Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

2. What are the Top Packaging Stocks In India?

Over the past month, the top-performing stocks have been G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd, Rajeshwari Cans Ltd, Kaira Can Co Ltd, Radha Madhav Corp Ltd, and TCPL Packaging Ltd.

3. Is Packaging Stocks a good investment?

Investing in packaging stocks can be a good option, as the packaging industry plays a crucial role in various sectors like e-commerce and consumer goods. However, like any investment, it’s essential to conduct thorough research and consider market conditions before deciding.

Introduction to Packaging Stock

Top Packaging Stocks In India – Highest Market Capitalization

TCPL Packaging Ltd

TCPL Packaging Limited, an Indian packaging firm, specializes in manufacturing printed packaging materials within the Printing and Packaging segment. Their product range includes folding cartons, litho lamination, plastic cartons, blister packs, and shelf-ready packaging, focusing on paperboard conversion. Additionally, they are involved in flexible packaging, producing printed cork-tipping paper, laminates, sleeves, and wrap-around labels.

Pyramid Technoplast Ltd

Pyramid Technoplast Limited, an Indian industrial packaging firm, specializes in producing polymer-based molded products (Polymer Drums) primarily used by chemical, agrochemical, specialty chemical, and pharmaceutical companies for packaging. The company manufactures 1,000-liter capacity IBCs, MS Drums made of mild steel, and various polymer-based items under the Pyramid brand, including Full Open Top Drums, Narrow Mouthed Drums, Wide Mouthed Drums, Jerry Cans, Polycans, and injection molded products like caps, closures, bungs, lids, handles, lugs, and more.

Uma Converter Ltd

Uma Exports Limited, an Indian company, trades and markets various agricultural products like sugar, spices, grains, and pulses. They import bulk lentils and other products from Canada, Australia, and Burma. The company serves B2B clients, maintaining and distributing stocks to manufacturers and exporters. Subsidiaries include UEL International FZE in Dubai and Graincomm Australia PTY Ltd in Australia.

Packaging Sector Stocks – 1 Year Return

AGI Greenpac Ltd

AGI Greenpac Limited, an India-based packaging company, operates in three main segments: Packaging Products, Investment Property, and Others. The Packaging Products division manufactures and markets containers, PET bottles, specialty glass, and security caps. The Investment Property segment leases owned land and buildings, while the other includes wind power generation. AGI Greenpac serves diverse industries like food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, personal care, agrochemicals, and dairy, with a remarkable one-year return of 183.51%.

Arrow Greentech Ltd

Arrow Greentech Limited specializes in bio-degradable and high-tech products, with two segments: Green Products, offering water-soluble films and bio-compostable products, and Hightech Products, providing anti-counterfeit and IPR solutions. Their Watersol brand leads in water-soluble films with diverse applications, while BIOPLAST products, including BIOPLAST 105, BIOPLAST GF 106/02, and BIOPLAST GS 2189, offer sustainable alternatives to toxic single-use plastics. With a one-year return of 115.56%, Arrow Greentech Limited thrives in eco-friendly innovation.

S V J Enterprises Ltd

S. V. J. Enterprises Limited, an Indian company, specializes in producing disposable silver-laminated plates, aluminum foil food containers, packaging pouches, and more. With a one-year return of 46.68%, they’ve excelled in technology, manufacturing, and certifications for FMCG products, including honey, at their Darbhanga, Bihar facilities.

Top Packaging Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

G K P Printing & Packaging Ltd

G. K. P. Printing & Packaging Limited, an Indian firm specializing in packaging solutions, manufactures corrugated boxes and trades in kraft paper, duplex paper, and LD Rolls. They offer a comprehensive range of products, serving various sectors such as liquor, garment exports, engineering, confectionery, and FMCG. Their product lineup includes colored corrugated boxes, corrugated packaging boxes, customized corrugated boxes, and more, catering to pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, and food industries. Over the past month, their returns have increased by 23.67%.

Rajeshwari Cans Ltd

Rajeshwari Cans Limited, an Indian firm, produces packaging items and offers job printing on aluminum sheets for Polypropylene (PP) Cap manufacturers. It manufactures printed tin containers ranging from 50g/ml to 5kg/l and MS Drums from around 5kg to 30kg, with a potential 19.94% one-month return.

Kaira Can Co Ltd

Kaira Can Company Limited, an Indian metal container manufacturer, produces open-top sanitary cans, metal containers, paint containers, and ice cream cones. Their diverse product range serves dairies, food manufacturers, aerosol companies, and protein powder packers, and exports metal cans and components, operating in two segments: Tin Containers and Ice Cream Cones, offering a variety of products including dairy cans, processed food cans, sweets cans, and sugar cones for ice cream, with a remarkable one-month return of 5.59%.

Best Packaging Stocks – Highest Day Volume

Radha Madhav Corp Ltd

Radha Madhav Corporation Limited, an India-based company, operates in two segments: sales of its products (directly and through partners) and marketing/trading. They distribute clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and more through Additionally, they manufacture multilayered films for food, dairy, and pharmaceutical packaging, offering various related services. Their portfolio includes barrier and functional films for diverse applications.

Sabar Flex India Ltd

Sabar Flex India Limited, based in India, manufactures and supplies diverse flexible packaging materials for various industries like food, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and agriculture. Their product range encompasses stretch, shrink, laminated, and agricultural films, serving purposes like pallet packaging, food packaging, bulk packing, and agricultural applications such as weed control.

Kahan Packaging Ltd

Kahan Packaging Limited specializes in producing and supplying a wide range of polypropylene (PP) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) products, including woven fabric, sacks, bags, and printed laminates. They offer customized bulk packaging solutions to various industries.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory

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