Low Price Pharma Stocks List - Pharma Penny Stocks India

Low Price Pharma Stocks List – Pharma Penny Stocks India

The table below shows the Low Price Pharma Stocks List – Pharma Penny Stocks India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

StockMarket Cap (Cr)Close Price (₹)
Morepen Laboratories Ltd2481.7248.55
Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd1414.715.05
Rajnish Wellness Ltd766.179.97
Nectar Lifesciences Ltd721.032.15
Gennex Laboratories Ltd298.2916.81
Ambalal Sarabhai Enterprises Ltd291.3638.02
Kimia Biosciences Ltd174.1136.8
Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Ltd152.6435.35
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd149.829.9
Pharmaids Pharmacuticals Ltd104.5948.68

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Best Low Price Pharma Stocks

The table below shows the Best Low Price Pharma Stocks based on 1 Year Return.

StockClose Price (₹)1Y Return %
Adline Chem Lab Ltd26.79405.47
Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd28.49193.71
Gennex Laboratories Ltd16.81169.82
Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd8.92134.12
Pharmaids Pharmacuticals Ltd48.6883.01
Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd15.0572.99
Veerhealth Care Ltd20.3870.54
Beryl Drugs Ltd22.1170.08
Gujarat Terce Laboratories Ltd28.4948.77
Phaarmasia Ltd39.3748.57

Low Price Pharma Stocks Nse

The table below shows Low Price Pharma Stocks Nse based on 1 Month Return.

StockClose Price (₹)1M Return %
Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd28.4998.4
Maitri Enterprises Ltd37.5370.59
Phaarmasia Ltd39.3754.33
Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Ltd35.3533.62
Pharmaids Pharmacuticals Ltd48.6832.28
Shamrock Industrial Company Ltd8.1330.71
Ajooni Biotech Ltd6.430.61
Adeshwar Meditex Ltd32.028.0
Vivanza Biosciences Ltd10.7726.44
Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd15.0525.42

Pharma Penny Stocks

The table below shows Pharma Penny Stocks based on the Highest Daily Volume.

StockClose Price (₹)Daily Volume (Cr)
Rajnish Wellness Ltd9.9716547235.0
Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd15.059609266.0
Morepen Laboratories Ltd48.556078411.0
Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd1.154824430.0
Gennex Laboratories Ltd16.81999363.0
Nectar Lifesciences Ltd32.15730570.0
Ajooni Biotech Ltd6.4443857.0
Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Ltd35.35188708.0
Ind Swift Ltd18.2180768.0
Lasa Supergenerics Ltd29.9172238.0

Pharma Penny Stocks India

The table below shows Pharma Penny Stocks India based on the PE Ratio.

StockClose Price (₹)PE Ratio
Ind Swift Ltd18.22.25
Beryl Drugs Ltd22.1111.32
Transchem Ltd26.716.04
Vivo Bio Tech Ltd33.118.79
Veerhealth Care Ltd20.3820.07
Colinz Laboratories Ltd40.021.21
Emmessar Biotech and Nutrition Ltd26.731.72
MediCaps Ltd49.0445.98
Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd1.1565.0

Pharma Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs

The table below shows Pharma Penny Stocks Under 10 Rs.

StockClose Price (₹)1Y Return (%)
Rajnish Wellness Ltd9.97-35.15
Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd8.92134.12
Shamrock Industrial Company Ltd8.1324.12
Desh Rakshak Aushdhalaya Ltd6.6233.47
Ajooni Biotech Ltd6.40-14.67
Bacil Pharma Ltd6.38-28.56
Parabolic Drugs Ltd5.500.00
Welcure Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Ltd3.85-31.37
Tiaan Consumer Ltd3.29-22.59
Kobo Biotech Ltd3.10-18.64

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Low Price Pharma Stocks List – FAQs

1. Which are the Best Pharma Stocks?

  • Best Pharma Stocks #1: Adline Chem Lab Ltd
  • Best Pharma Stocks #2: Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Best Pharma Stocks #3: Gennex Laboratories Ltd
  • Best Pharma Stocks #4: Hindustan Bio Sciences Ltd
  • Best Pharma Stocks #5: Pharmaids Pharmacuticals Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

2. Is it good to invest in Pharma Penny Stocks?

Investing in pharmaceutical penny stocks carries a high risk due to volatility, limited liquidity, and uncertainty. It’s crucial to research thoroughly, consider your risk tolerance, and diversify your portfolio wisely.

3. What are the Low Price NSE Pharma Stocks?

Pharmaceutical stocks encompass companies researching, developing, manufacturing, and distributing drugs and healthcare products. A stock price below 50 Rs may be considered “low-priced” in this sector, but it’s essential to evaluate such stocks based on various factors before investing.

4. What is the future of Pharma Penny Stocks?

 The future of Pharma Penny Stocks is uncertain and highly speculative, influenced by regulatory changes, drug developments, and market sentiment. Potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough research before investing.

Introduction to Low Price Pharma Stocks List

Low Price Pharma Stocks List – Highest Market Capitalization

Morepen Laboratories Ltd

Morepen Laboratories Limited is a pharmaceutical company manufacturing, developing, and marketing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), branded/generic formulations, and home health products. Their offerings include APIs like Apixaban and edoxaban and various finished formulations and home health products under different brand names. The company has subsidiaries, including Dr. Morepen Limited, Morepen Devices Limited, and Total Care Limited.

Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd

Syncom Formulations (India) Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, specializes in the manufacturing, trading, and rental of properties. Their product range encompasses various pharmaceutical formulations, including tablets, capsules, liquids, injections, ointments, and more. Cratus Life Care, Cratus Evolve, and Cratus Right Nutrition are notable product categories. Some of their offerings include Ciprofloxacin Tablets, Cefazolin For Injection, Ceftriaxone for Injection, and Gentamicin Injection.

Rajnish Wellness Ltd

Rajnish Wellness Limited, an Indian company, specializes in producing and selling Ayurvedic medicinal products to enhance personal sexual wellness. Their product range comprises ethical medicines, personal care items, and sexual enhancement products. The company’s leading brand, Playwin, caters to sexual wellness needs in Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Odisha, offering contraceptives, sexual enhancement supplements, and personal lubricants.

Best Low Price Pharma Stocks – 1 Year Return

Adline Chem Lab Ltd

Adline Chem Lab Limited, formerly Kamron Laboratories Limited, is an Indian pharmaceutical company specializing in pharmaceutical products. Their product range for the domestic market encompasses various categories such as anti-infectives, bone health, gastroenterology, hemostatic, multi-vitamins, pediatric care, pain and inflammation, pregnancy and reproductive care, respiratory care, and healthcare. Internationally, they offer a range of tablets, capsules, and injections. Over the past year, the company has delivered an impressive 405.47% return on investment.

Ganga Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Ganga Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Indian company in Mumbai, specializes in manufacturing bulk ayurvedic medicines. They also market and distribute over 230 products, addressing various health concerns, including acidity, skincare, and weight management, with an impressive one-year return of 193.71%.

Gennex Laboratories Ltd

Gennex Laboratories Limited, an Indian-based active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturer, specializes in producing bulk drugs, intermediaries, and biotech products. With a diverse product portfolio encompassing expectorants, muscle relaxants, analgesics, and anti-fungals, the company has achieved an impressive one-year return of 169.82%. Operating within the Pharmaceutical Products (Bulk Drugs) segment, Gennex Laboratories serves both domestic and international markets through its manufacturing facilities in India.

Low Price Pharma Stocks Nse – 1 Month Return

Maitri Enterprises Ltd

Maitri Enterprises Limited, specializing in furniture production, manufactures metal furniture and fixtures. Serving customers in India, the company delivers a 70.59% return on investment.

Phaarmasia Ltd

Phaarmasia Limited, an India-based company, specializes in manufacturing and selling oral contraceptive pills (OCP’s) alongside therapeutic iron tablets for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and exports. They offer a range of hormone and herbal products. Notable products include Estradiol Valerate Tablets, Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Tablets, Cabergoline Tablets, and herbal options like Smyle Herbal Toothpaste. The company has a diverse product line catering to healthcare needs, focusing on oral contraceptives. Additionally, Phaarmasia Limited has achieved an impressive 54.33% return on investment.

Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Ltd

Bharat Immunologicals and Biologicals Corporation Limited, an Indian biotech firm, primarily produces oral polio vaccines, zinc tablets, and diarrhea management kits across various segments. They also focus on manufacturing Ready to Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF) for treating malnourished children. The company transitioned from trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccines and expanded into plasma-derived medicines and Oral Cholera vaccines. Their manufacturing unit is in Village Chola, Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, India, achieving a 33.62% return.

Pharma Penny Stocks – Highest Day Volume

Earum Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Earum Pharmaceuticals Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, specializes in marketing, trading, and distributing various pharmaceutical products, including antibiotics, antimalarials, anti-allergics, analgesics, and dermatology products. They offer over 120 branded products and operate in active pharmaceutical ingredients across several Indian states.

Nectar Lifesciences Ltd

Nectar Lifesciences Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical firm, specializes in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), finished dosage formulations (FDFs), menthol, mint derivatives, and hard gelatin capsules. They focus on manufacturing oral and sterile cephalosporin products, including various cephalosporin compounds. Additionally, the company provides contract manufacturing services for solid and injectable cephalosporin products.

Ajooni Biotech Ltd

Ajooni Biotech Limited, an Indian animal health solutions company, manufactures a wide range of compounded animal feed and supplements, encompassing cattle feed, camel feed, oil cakes, and supplements for different animal life stages, including Autus branded products like DIAMOND WONDER and NURTURE CALF STARTER, as well as various supplements like liquid calcium, liver tonic, and multivitamins such as CALTUS and AUTOVITA.

Pharma Penny Stocks India – PE Ratio

Ind Swift Ltd

Ind Swift Limited, an Indian pharmaceutical company, operates in domestic and export markets, specializing in finished goods, APIs, herbal products, hand sanitizers, face masks, and PPE kits. It has divisions like Noble, Nova, Ethical, Generic, Institution, and Proposed, offering products like Zoxiclav, Glypar, and more. Additionally, the company provides COVID-19 supplies and introduced Stevia and Hangover products. With five manufacturing plants in India, it maintains a PE ratio of 2.25.

Beryl Drugs Ltd

The group initiated its activities in the 22nd year, and after accumulating 15 years of expertise, it evolved into a prominent pharmaceutical manufacturing firm. Beryl has made substantial strides and has emerged as a global player in pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, contract manufacturing services, and veterinary products while maintaining a PE ratio of 11.32.

Transchem Ltd

Transchem Limited, an India-based firm with a PE ratio of 16.04, seeks fresh business prospects while temporarily allocating its funds to short-term treasury activities.

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