Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India 

Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India 

The table below shows the Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India based on the Highest Market Capitalization.

StockMarket Cap ( Cr )Close Price
DLF Ltd171514.35715.95
Macrotech Developers Ltd89051.22937.20
Godrej Properties Ltd54431.821971.70
Oberoi Realty Ltd50649.791407.05
Prestige Estates Projects Ltd42657.691114.90
Phoenix Mills Ltd39202.542298.50
Brigade Enterprises Ltd20021.89868.80
NBCC (India) Ltd14076.0078.40
Signatureglobal (India) Ltd11366.61817.85
Anant Raj Ltd9799.05303.15

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Real estate stocks are shares in companies that own, manage, or invest in real estate properties, such as commercial buildings, residential complexes, or land. Investors buy these stocks to gain exposure to the real estate market and earn dividends and capital appreciation.

Real Estate Stocks India

The table below shows the Real Estate Stocks in India based on 1 Year Return. 

StockClose Price1Y Return %
Yuranus Infrastructure Ltd58.12972.32
Kesar India Ltd1296.75620.42
Espire Hospitality Ltd115.95596.40
Anna Infrastructures Ltd30.75439.47
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd408.00432.29
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd311.00323.16
Peninsula Land Ltd50.30296.06
Unitech Ltd7.05281.08
Samor Reality Ltd106.00267.15
BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd16.59245.00

Best Real Estate Stocks In India

The table below shows the Best Real Estate Stocks In India based on 1 Month Return.

StockClose Price1M Return %
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd311.00114.30
Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd59.99102.62
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd408.0075.26
Quantum Build-Tech Ltd4.0062.26
Unitech Ltd7.0556.67
Dhanuka Realty Ltd13.3554.34
Ratnabhumi Developers Ltd140.0050.39
Espire Hospitality Ltd115.9548.45
Yuranus Infrastructure Ltd58.1247.64
Alpine Housing Development Corporation Limited174.0045.82

Real Estate Sector Stocks

The table below shows Real Estate Sector Stocks based on the Highest Daily Volume.

StockClose PriceDaily Volume
Unitech Ltd7.0542096613.00
Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd89.4011378122.00
NBCC (India) Ltd78.4010161930.00
KBC Global Ltd2.007052311.00
DLF Ltd715.955893586.00
Shriram Properties Ltd119.053117261.00
Anant Raj Ltd303.151877075.00
Capacite Infraprojects Ltd263.601623112.00
Radhe Developers (India) Ltd4.561464574.00
TARC Ltd138.501192383.00

Real Estate Stocks List

The table below shows a Real Estate Stocks List based on the PE Ratio. 

StockClose PricePE RATIO
BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd16.592.66
Narendra Properties Ltd46.012.81
Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd508.755.14
Prime Property Development Corp Ltd28.215.64
Welspun Enterprises Ltd314.106.01
Shradha Infraprojects Ltd67.456.90
Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd311.007.34
ETT Ltd19.059.57
Vivid Mercantile Ltd57.7010.55
Prerna Infrabuild Ltd27.6311.70

Real Estate Penny Stocks India

The table below shows Real Estate Penny Stocks in India based on the 6-month return.

StockClose Price6M Return %
Espire Hospitality Ltd115.95637.13
Kesar India Ltd1296.75538.79
Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd408.00432.29
Unitech Ltd7.05386.21
Samor Reality Ltd106.00263.64
Anna Infrastructures Ltd30.75231.00
Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd59.99178.38
D B Realty Ltd191.85154.44
Suratwwala Business Group Ltd541.00146.41
Ansal Housing Ltd9.74138.14

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Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India – FAQ

1. What Are The Best Real Estate Stocks In India?

Best Real Estate Stocks #1: Yuranus Infrastructure Ltd

Best Real Estate Stocks #2: Kesar India Ltd

Best Real Estate Stocks #3: Espire Hospitality Ltd

Best Real Estate Stocks #4: Anna Infrastructures Ltd

Best Real Estate Stocks #5: Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd

The stocks mentioned are ranked according to their one-year performance.

2. What is the future of Real Estate?

The future of real estate is likely to be shaped by technology, sustainability, and changing work dynamics. Smart homes, virtual reality tours, eco-friendly designs, and flexible workspaces will significantly reshape the industry.

3. What Are The Top Real Estate Stocks In India?

Over the past month, the top-performing stocks are Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd, Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd, Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd, Quantum Build-Tech Ltd, and Unitech Ltd.

4. Are Real Estate Stocks a good investment ?

Real estate stocks can be a good investment depending on your financial goals and market conditions. They offer potential for dividends and capital appreciation, but risks exist, so thorough research and diversification are crucial for informed decisions.

Introduction to Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India

Top 10 Real Estate Stocks In India – Highest Market Capitalization


DLF Limited, an Indian company, specializes in real estate development, covering land acquisition, planning, construction, and marketing. It also operates in leasing, power generation, maintenance, and hospitality and offers a diverse portfolio, from luxury homes to integrated office spaces. DLF’s subsidiaries include Aaralyn Builders & Developers, Abheek Real Estate, Abhigyan Builders & Developers, and Americus Real Estate.

Macrotech Developers Ltd

Macrotech Developers Limited operates in real estate property development in India and the UK, with a diverse portfolio including housing, premium, and luxury projects in various locations like Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and more.

Godrej Properties Ltd

Godrej Properties Limited, an Indian firm, specializes in real estate construction and development. It operates under the Godrej brand and has various projects across key Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Subsidiaries include Godrej Realty and Prakritiplaza Facilities Management, among others.

Real Estate Stocks India – 1 Year Return

Yuranus Infrastructure Ltd

Yuranus Infrastructure Limited promotes, develops, and trades real estate properties, including land, housing societies, commercial complexes, and more. They also provide financing, achieving a remarkable 972.32% one-year return.

Kesar India Ltd

Kesar India Limited, an India-based firm, specializes in real estate development and construction, including residential and commercial projects like plotting, buildings, and complexes. They primarily develop plots and projects like Kesar 45, Kesar 29, Kesar Signature, Kesar Vihar, and Kesar Gateway, with a land potential of over 21,24,654 square feet in Nagpur, Central India. Over the past year, they’ve achieved a remarkable 620.42% return. The brand name for their projects is Kesar Lands.

Espire Hospitality Ltd

Espire Hospitality Limited, based in India, operates in the hotel and resort industry and provides real estate services. It has a Hotel Business segment with hotels and resorts, including Six Senses Fort Barwara, and a Real Estate segment offering consultancy and maintenance services. The company’s portfolio also features Country Inn Hotels and Resorts in various locations and luxury offerings like ZANA Luxury Escapes and ZANA Lake Resort. In the past year, it has delivered a remarkable 596.40% return.

Best Real Estate Stocks In India – 1 Month Return

Hazoor Multi Projects Ltd

Hazoor Multi Projects Limited, an Indian firm, specializes in infrastructure and real estate. Current endeavors involve projects like Samruddhi Mahamarg and the Wakan-Pali-Khopoli rehabilitation and upgrade, with a remarkable 114.30% one-month return.

Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd

Shristi Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited, an Indian company, specializes in construction and infrastructure development. They undertake projects ranging from townships, hotels, and hospitals to mixed-use developments, shopping malls, and logistics hubs. Their recent projects include Shristinagar and educational amenities that offer diverse leisure options. Additionally, they have projects like Aitorma Agartala Sentrum, a shopping and office complex in Tripura. Notably, the company has recently achieved a remarkable 1-month return of 102.62%.

Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd

Vishnusurya Projects and Infra Ltd, an Indian company, operates in mining, aggregates, and M-Sand manufacturing. They offer technical consultancy drone services and execute real estate projects in Tamil Nadu, with a 1-month return of 75.26%.

Real Estate Sector Stocks – Highest Day Volume

Unitech Ltd

Unitech Limited is an Indian real estate developer primarily involved in real estate development, construction, consultancy, rentals, and more. It operates in segments like real estate, property management, hospitality, transmission tower, investment, and other activities. Notable projects include Global Gateway, Nirvana Courtyard II, and various residential developments in Gurgaon, Noida, and Chennai.

Indiabulls Real Estate Ltd

Indiabulls Real Estate Limited is a holding company that offers consultancy and advisory services for real estate and infrastructure projects. It engages in residential, commercial, and SEZ developments, with projects across India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Madurai, and Vadodara.

NBCC (India) Ltd

NBCC (India) Limited provides diversified services through Project Management Consultancy (PMC), Real Estate Development, and Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) segments. Engaged in civil construction, infrastructure development, residential and commercial projects, and offering end-to-end services from project conceptualization to commissioning for clients.

Real Estate Stocks List – PE Ratio

BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd

BSEL Infrastructure Realty Limited, an Indian company, specializes in real estate development. It operates locally, with completed projects like Dubai Project, Ajman, Kevadia Project (Phase I), BSEL Tech Park, Hilton Center, and more, including BSEL Buty Palace in Nagpur and Narmada Nihar Resorts in Gujarat. The company has subsidiaries like BSEL Infrastructure Realty FZE, BSEL Infrastructure Realty SdnBhd, and BSEL Waterfront SdnBhd. With a PE ratio of 2.66, it is actively involved in the infrastructure sector.

Narendra Properties Ltd

Narendra Properties Limited is an Indian real estate company constructing buildings and developing commercial and residential properties, with a PE ratio of 2.81. They operate in Chennai and its suburbs, completing projects like NPL Devi, NPL Redmond Square, NPL Mangalram, and more.

Shervani Industrial Syndicate Ltd

Shervani Industrial Syndicate Limited, an Indian company with a PE ratio of 5.14, primarily operates in real estate and infrastructure development. It emphasizes its Sterling Apartment housing project and owns Farco Foods Private Limited, a biscuit manufacturing subsidiary producing 350 metric tons of Priyagold brand biscuits monthly.

Real Estate Penny Stocks India – 6 Month Return

Samor Reality Ltd

Samor Reality Limited is an Indian construction and real estate firm specializing in residential and commercial projects in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They develop apartments with amenities, and trade construction materials and aim to capitalize on real estate opportunities. In the past six months, they have achieved a remarkable 263.64% return on their investments.

Anna Infrastructures Ltd

Anna Infrastructures Limited, an Indian company, focuses on real estate development constructing residential and commercial projects. It operates in two segments: real estate and loans/investments, which are involved in construction, roads, and related activities. Over the past six months, it has delivered a remarkable 231.00% return.

D B Realty Ltd

D B Realty Limited, an Indian real estate development firm, specializes in residential, commercial, and retail projects, including mass housing and cluster redevelopment. Notable projects include Pandora Projects Pvt. Ltd., Ocean Towers, and Rustomjee Crown. With a vast portfolio of over 100 million square feet, the company’s recent six-month return has shown remarkable growth of 154.44%. Subsidiaries include Conwood DB Joint Venture, DB Contractors & Builders Private Limited, and DB View Infracon Private Limited.

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Disclaimer: The above article is written for educational purposes, and the companies’ data mentioned in the article may change with respect to time The securities quoted are exemplary and are not recommendatory

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